The Way2go Card Features, Benefits

The Way2Go is a reloadable prepaid card issued by the Comerica Bank in the United States. It is an electronic method for receiving insurance unemployed benefits. The Way2Go is a MasterCard rebranded prepaid card through which you can also receive direct deposits. Basically, there is so much that the Way2Go card can offer.

In this article, we bring you all the information you may need about Way2go card. You will learn its benefits, functions and who needs it. We will also answer the burning questions asked by most of the card users and potential subscribers. We hope it will give you all the important information you may need.

How Does The Way2Go Card work?

The Way2Go card is a very resourceful financial tool to everyone regardless of their location. You can use it everywhere MasterCard services are available. Besides receiving unemployment insurance benefits, there are other functionalities of Way2go. For example, you can use it to make purchases in over 20 million merchants nationwide. These are the areas where you are sure of getting MasterCard services. Other places you can make purchases with this card include grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants. Additionally, you can use the card to pay bills online, on phone and mail-order purchases.

If you qualify for Way2Go card, go get it. It’s one of the best cards with numerous benefits. With it, you will be able to receive money from any bank that accepts MasterCard. You can also withdraw money from ATMs that accept MasterCard services. However, you have to pay service fees to make the withdrawals. The fee depends on who owns the ATM.

How to Use Way2Go Card – Anywhere

There are several ways you can use your Way2Go card anywhere in the world. First of all, you can use it to make online purchases. You can literally pay for anything you want online. You can also make purchases from places such as groceries, restaurants, and medical stores.

And guess what, your Way2Go card is a special ATM card. You can use it to withdraw money from any ATM that supports MasterCard services. Other individuals also use it to make phone payments.

The Benefits of The Way2Go Card

  • Works like prepaid or debit card : Way2Go card users get the same services with other card users such as credit and debit cards. It has similar functions as those cards. You can actually use it in over 20 million locations across the country. These are the areas that allow the use of MasterCard cards. As mentioned above you can use the card in groceries and restaurants. Other places you can use this card include medical offices and online stores.
  • You can make withdrawals from MasterCard branded ATM : Way2Go card allows the holders to make withdraws from any ATM. The only condition is that it should accept MasterCard services. Additionally, you can get cash over the counter from any bank or credit union as long as they accept the use of MasterCard cards.
  • No interest charges : Unlike other cards, the Way2Go card does not have interest charges. Even its replacement is free of charge in case you lose it or it gets stolen. All these processes you can do for free. You can also keep payments separate from your other financial accounts.
  • Monthly statements : With this card, you get free online monthly statements from Conduent. This allows you to track your monthly financial status and account’s activity.
  • Convenient services : The Way2Go card users can withdraw cash at any ATM across the country 24 hours a day. The fee involved is also small. So, you can get your money anytime you want as long as you have access to a MasterCard branded ATM.
  • Online payments : One way that eases banking services delivery is when you do not have to queue to receive your money. The Way2Go card offers exactly that. You can access your funds online and you’re your payments.
  • MasterCard benefits : As said earlier, Way2Go card is a MasterCard product. So, all the benefits that the MasterCard users get, you will get them. One of these includes prestige and purchase protection given to MasterCard-rebranded customers.
  • No credit checks : There is no credit check if you want to get this card. So, you can access all the services regardless of your credit score.
  • No minimum balance : Many people get scared when they hear of minimum balance restrictions. Way2Go card allows you to have whatever minimum balance you want on your card. You can even have a zero balance and that won’t be an issue.
  • Security : Security is a critical factor for any operation that goes online. With the Way2Go card, you will enjoy security features by Mastercard Zero Liability Policy. Also, it is FDIC insured. This is a source of confidence for the user. 

Key Features of Way2go Card

Way2Go card is one of the best-prepaid cards for receiving insurance payments. Below are the features that make it stand out;

  • Easy to Get : To get the Way2Go card, you don’t pay anything. Additionally, the bank doesn’t carry out credit checks to determine who qualifies for the card. Like most cards that require you to have a bank account, Way2Go does not need you to have one.
  • Widely accepted : The Way2Go is available to almost 20 million merchants across the country. You can use it at all points where MasterCard services are accepted. It is basically like any other card. You can make purchases anywhere debit and credit card services are available. This includes places like stores, restaurants, online, and over the phone.
  • Saves time : With this card, you don’t have to visit physical ATMs to withdraw money. The card allows you to do online transactions. And time utilization translates to saving money.
  • It is safe : When you have your cashless money, it means you will be secure from losing the money. Even when you lose the card, your account still holds. You can recover the money simply by replacing the card. The money is also protected by MasterCard ZeroLiabilityy. This is contrary to those who carry solid money. In case you lose money, you never recover it easily. Also, the Way2Go card is FDIC insured. All these features achieve one thing; your finance security.
  • 24/7 access : You can get all the services 24 hours a day all the days of the week. This makes the operation very easy for all cardholders. The services are available both online and on ATMs.

How To Get A Way2Go Card

Unemployed individuals can receive money either via direct deposits or debit cards. So, if you are eligible, the UI Way2Go Debit card automatically emails you. Not that it is only for the individuals who have not enrolled in the direct deposits.

When you receive the card via email, you will have to call the UI Debit MasterCard customer service. Then they will activate the card for you. The toll-free number is 1-888-929-2460.

Alternatively, you can visit their website to activate the debit card account on your own. Remember you can access the account information via phone or the internet and the services are available 24/ 7.

Important Facts You Need to Know About Way2go card

If you are new to the Way2Go card, here are some of the facts you need to know about it;

Activate Way2go Card

You only get the card when you are eligible to receive the unemployment benefits. Once you get this card, you have to activate it. There are two ways you can activate your card.

One, you can call the customer care via their toll-free number. They will ask you a few questions to verify your account then activate it.

You can also simply visit their website where you to activate the card by yourself. After activation, you will call customer service to get your PIN. After you get the PIN, you will be prompted to provide your card number. Other verification details such as your Social Security Number and date of birth will also be needed. Finally, you’ll need to select a four-digit PIN to complete the process.

How to Deposit

After the card activation, money is normally deposited monthly every first business day. You reload cash through various ways like direct bank transfers and check deposits. The normal methods used to reload debit cards.

Receive Replacement Card

Two scenarios can make you replace your card; when you lose it or it expires. A Standard card replacement is free and arrives within 7 to 10 business days. If the card was previously expelled, you will have to pay a $10 fee. Once you pay, it will arrive in 2 to 5 business days. 

Deplete Old Card

You can get your new card by simply calling customer service. You can as well visit their website and initiate the process. There is reliable customer service that can help you get it as fast as possible.

What fees are normally associated with this card?

You will encounter various forms of fees when using Way2Go card. Some of these include;

ATM Withdrawals

Not all instances of Way2Go withdrawals you’ll be charged. For instance, the first two transactions of the month are at Comerica Bank and MoneyPass. You can make withdraws from or

After the free withdrawals, you will have to pay a fee of $1.25 for every transaction. But, the ATM owners may also have additional charges. That is normally added to the $1.25.

The inactivity fee

Inactivity fee applies when you do not use your card for 12 months after activating it. The fee is $4.00 per month. This is normally done for every consecutive month after that one year. The inactivity is normally defined as no deposits and ATM balance inquiry. The fine stops immediately the account starts having active service.

Expedited card replacement

As mentioned earlier, for a Standard Card Replacement, there are no charges on the account. However, the case is different when you need an expedited card. You have to pay a $10.00 fee for processing. After this payment, the card arrives in 2 to 5 business days via U.S mail.

Security Features Come with Way2go Card?

Security is key especially for online banking. The Way2Go card has several securities that come with the card that you can enjoy with them;

  1. PIN : There is no need for a PIN for you to make signature base purchases. You only use a PIN for cash withdrawals at ATMs. The other scenario that you can use PIN is when requesting cash back with a purchase. You normally choose a PIN when activating the account. The PIN is never shared with any for security reasons. When choosing the PIN, you will need to get one that you can remember.
  2. PIN Recovery : If you forget your PIN, you can recover it very quickly. You only need to call customer service. The customer representative will help you recover the card PIN once you verify your identity.
  3. Card recovery : Once you misplace your Way2Go card, you can as well as recover it quickly. This is different from other cards that you need to visit the issuer. You only call customer service for the card replacement.
  4. You can change your name and address : You can change your name and address by simply logging on to the ICE website.

Way2go Card Customer Service – To Support You 

There are several services that you can get from customer service.

They include;

  • Activation of a new card.
  • Reporting lost or stolen card.
  • Check the status of the card which you have not received.
  • Request a PIN mailer when you forget the PIN.
  • To listen to account information. This includes the current account balance and the last five transactions.
  • To find out the card fees.

You can contact them via their toll-free number which is 1-888-929-2460. Additionally, you can as well log in to their website to access all these customer care services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I pay my bills from the Go Program website?

Yes, you can pay your bills using the Way2Go card from the Go Program website. All you need to do is log into the website and select the Bill Pay link. After that setup payees and payment options. This includes the one-time payment and expedited payment. The others are at a future date, or regular intervals. Note that the Standard Bill Pay fee is normally free. This saves you from buying money orders and stamps.

How can I get notified when funds get deposited to my card?

Way2Go card allows you to sign up for the optional text or email alerts. This includes the addition of funds, low balance, or negative balance. You can sign up online through the website

How can I check the available balance on my card?

There are three ways that you can use to access your account balance. They include viewing Another way is performing balance inquiry from ATM. Note this method may have charges depending on the owner of the ATM. The last method is by calling customer service via 1-844-893-3119.


Way2Go card has several services for unemployed individuals. It has a lot of benefits that one can ride on. If you get a chance to own one, don’t pass it. In case you face any difficulties, you can easily reach customer care.