How To Logout Of Find My iPhone

At certain times for all the iPhone and other Apple use it is quite an urgent requirement to log themselves out from the iCloud. Calling the same in the layman language we can stay that, logout from the ‘find my iPhone’ application. If you are buying or selling your iPhone to a new user it is a must Logout yourself first to protect your privacy on the platform.

The actual use of the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature is to track apple handsets and other products at different geographical locations. There are various sets of benefits that the same application provides in various Apple handsets apart from just tracking the mobile phones and other electronics.

In case of any theft and chances of losing the iPhone, the same feature can ultimately be the only way to get Apple products back. The large use of the same application is with the iPhone handsets of Apple since they are likely to be lost. By discouraging theft, it works efficiently as a safety application.

But there are some specific conditions where you need to get rid of the same application. It can even lead to exposure of privacy and other information to other unwanted intruders on the platform. For operational measures, it requires Apple ID and password for tracking applications.

The expose of the same can further lead to leakage of data from the platform. It is due to this set of features it is generally recommended to sign out yourself before handling your iPhone to another person. Some people might think that it is not possible at all to log yourself out from your iPhone handset or another subsequent device.

It is a crucial part of Apple gadgets and is must be recommended by the company directly but in certain emergency conditions, it becomes quite acute to logout. For the same, there is an essential requirement for both Apple ID and password.

Without the same, it is nearly impossible to carry further procedures. But nearly impossible does not comply completely impossible. There are certain ways by which you can get linked with the company directly but it is along with procedures and even require certain evidence.

Logout of Find My iPhone & iCloud From All Your Apple Device

How To Logout of Find My iPhone

1. Logout From Find My iPhone

From signing yourself out from the iPhone or iPad, go to the setting options on your iPhone or iPad.Scroll down until you see the sign out option there. Now enter your Apple ID password in the space provided. Tap sign out twice to make sure that you really like to sign out from the device.


  • An easy and convenient method.
  • Completely safe and secure.
  • No hassle.

  • The process will not work without Apple ID and password.
  • Anyone with your Apple ID and password can sign you out from the device.

2. In the Case of Mac

From the Apple menu, go to the system preference option which available on scrolling. Then click on the Apple ID option available and after the same click on the Overview. Click on the sign-out option.


  • Easy Procedure.

  • Secure Method.

3. For Mac OS And Earlier Version

From the Apple menu, go to the system preference option which available on scrolling. Click on the iCloud option. Click on the logout option.


  • Easy procedure to carry.
  • Time-efficient.

  • Less secure method.
  • Do not require any ID or password for authentication.

4. Logout From the Apple Watch

Signing out from the Apple Watch is quite an easy procedure to carry. Apple watches are paired up with the iPhone. For signing out from the Apple watches you just need to sign out from iPhone and the watch automatically gets signed out.


  • No need to follow any specific steps.
  • Easy operation through iPhone itself.

  • Do not have any separate method.
  • Any malfunctioning in the sign-out process is linked with the Apple watch.

5. Logout From iCloud on Your Apple TV.

On your Apple TV. go to the settings option. From that reach up to the Accounts option. There you will find out the iCloud option. Now select the logout option.


  • Time effective solution.
  • Easy and convenient.
  • Direct way.

  • Less authentication.
  • Preferably less secure.

6. In the Case of Windows

The logout procedure for Windows is the easiest one. At first, open the iCloud option for the Windows you are currently using. Then from the same click on the ‘sign out’ option.


  • Only a two-step procedure.
  • Easy to follow steps.
  • Time effective.

  • No special credential for authentication..

7. Logout From Find My iPhone Without Any Credentials

If you do not have any credentials about your and you are unable to find out the actual user, contact the Apple office and lay down your case.

In case of the actual user being dead, the Apple office will ask for some evidence including the death certificate. Provide the evidence and they will help you to solve the query.


  • Effective solution.
  • Authentic and secure.

  • May not be time effective.
  • Finding the evidence is a bit hard job.

8. In Case You Forgot The Apple ID and Password

In this case, you can easily and can follow the procedures they are stating them.


  • Easy method.
  • Easy to approach.

  • May take some time..

9. The Assistance of A Third-Party Tool

Third-party tools can also help you to logout from the iCloud. Some of the applications you can use include iSumsoft iPhone Passcode Refixer.


  • Easy option to carry.
  • No need for any special process.

  • Less authentic and not much secure.

10. Restoring The iPhone

This process works efficiently if you are using a newer iOS including 12 or above. Restore the iPhone to factory setting and you can easily logout yourself.


  • Easy and secure.
  • No need for any other special steps.

  • Only available for higher iOS versions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can find my iPhone effectively track my lost device?

A: If you logged in with your device you can easily track your iPhone with any similar device or web.

Q: Is sign out of finding my iPhone such necessary?

A: If you are allowing any other person to access your device, to protect your privacy and security it is a must carry.

Q: Is it possible to logout to find my iPhone without any credentials?

A: It is possible but you need to assist some indirect ways.


There are numerous ways which anyone can assist to logout of the ‘Find my iPhone’ application. Actually, it is quite an important feature to protect safety and privacy but certain times you required to logout.

By discouraging theft, it works efficiently as a safety application. But there are some specific conditions where you need to get rid of the same application.