Switch Cell Phone Carriers Deal

Hey! It is high time you switch your cell phone carriers deal and stop enduring that phone carrier that has been gulping most of your hard-earned income, or that carrier that has made you missed many important conversations due to its coverage that sucks.

Although not every other phone carrier is perfect, switch to that phone cell phone carriers deal that serves your interest at the spur of the moment is never a bad option. So, check out for other carriers, try and see if the one satisfies your needs, and do not hesitate to switch to it. After all, it is your money and you should enjoy the services you are paying for.

The Switch between cell phone carriers deal has many factors to be considered. Before hopping onto one, research about the new carrier plan, check the network coverage in your area, are you allowed to keep your old number and your current phone?.

Note that; if you are moving to a new geographical location, you might not be able to port your existing number to your new carrier. You should also try and find more about the existing plans on your new preferred network and what they offer, and finally, the most likely to be incurred during the switching process.

In this article, you will be provided with all the necessary information that will aid your smooth switching from any carrier to another. If you can follow this guide sequentially as the steps as been explained, I promise you will experience less or no trouble inter-switch between the cell phone carriers deal.

Switch to a Cell Phone New Carriers Deal

You won’t want to experience the same thing that made you dump your old provider in your new chosen cell phone carrier. So, to avoid this, making a sound and profound analysis of the options before you is the way to go. What are the faults you detected in your current carrier? does your new chosen phone carrier cover up for it?.

What are the plans that it offers, and how favorable are they? Are you on any contract with your old carrier? If you are on any contract with your old carrier, reach out to their customer care and make inquiries about your remaining contract period and what is the likely situation that may arise if you are switching to a new carrier, perhaps you can make some negotiations with them, or possibly pay an early termination fee.

Also, check if you are allowed to keep your old number or your current phone, although your phone should be unlocked by the previous provider to be able to port successfully to your new carrier. And you can also trade in your phone to get some credit on your way to get a new phone.

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What Do You Need to Switch Between Carriers?

Before you can switch from a provider to another, you will be needing some necessary information to initiate the switching process. Below is the list:

Necessary requirements:

  1. Your name and your permanent address.
  2. Account number associated with your bills.
  3. The account password.
  4. The IMEI number of your phone, you can dial *#06# to access that.
  5. Remember to back up your data.

When you have all this information available, then you are good to move onto your new provider. Let’s move to the next step.

1. Contact Your New Service Provider

Let me bring this warning to your notice to avoid falling into the dangerous error of losing your phone or number. Never terminate your current service before porting to your new service provider, so your phone will be active while your provider port and also transfer your number and other important information successfully to your new service.

Now that you have decided the choice of your new phone carrier, the process of switching can be done online, or by entering into any close office of your chosen provider to initiate the transfer. Once the switching is done successfully, it automatically cancels your subscription with your old provider.

2. Free Phone When You Switch

Are you looking to change your old phone while you switch between phone carriers? Most of the carriers have amazing offers that will entice you to switch to their career. Some will give you discounts to get a new phone, while some will provide you with a free phone as you switch to their carrier, e.g., Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. To know which switch carrier deals best satisfy your needs, you will have to study analyze all the available carriers, and choose the most preferable to you.

3. How to Switch Carriers Without Paying

Let me say it is actually impossible for you to switch without incurring any cost. Switching from one carrier to another is usually accompanied by some unavoidable costs, taxes, pay-offs, registration fees, and many more. If you are locked in a contract with your current phone carrier, although, it’s fast becoming a practice in the past for carriers to keep their subscribers on a contract, you might be forced to wait till the contract term expires, or luckily, your new phone carrier could be willing to pay off the early termination fee.

Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T are now willing to take up your ETF bills and also offer you some discounts on your new device. If your current phone is also purchased on installment, you may have to pay the remaining balance before you can port to another carrier.

4. Switch Your Carrier and Keep Your Phone and Phone Number

Are you emotionally attached to your phone? or it has some amazing history which will not make you think of parting ways with the little device? If there is none, then upgrading the device could be a good way to go, and let me bring it to your notice that many carriers will give you discount to make the process easy; you also have the option of trading-in your old to get some dollars towards getting a new phone.

Do You Want to Buy A New Phone?

In every new year, the phone manufacturing companies keep releasing new phones with new features that are absent in their existing versions. You can decide to give an upgrade to your device by getting a new phone. Regarding your old phone, you have two options:

  • Trade-in Your Device

You can decide to trade in your old device with the phone manufacturer or the new carrier you are subscribing to. Doing this will avail you the opportunity to save some hundred of dollars towards the purchase of your new phone. And you can be given a credit card or through receive the amount through PayPal. The amount value of the money to be received is based on the phone condition.

  • Bring Your Own Phone

If you decide to keep your phone, many of the phone carriers offer the Bring Your Own Phone/Device BYOP/BYOD program. All you have to do is to bring your old phone along, contact your new service provider and let them register your phone to your selected plan. For you to make use of this option, your phone must be compatible with your new network.

Switch Carriers on A Suspended Phone

If your phone has been suspended from your current network, you can unsuspend it, all you have to do is to contact your service provider and request them to remove the suspension, this can take up to 24hrs.

Switch to Verizon Contract Buyout

every customer needs to check this deal as it gives a whooping amount of $650 dollars when you switch to Verizon. With this amount of money at hand, you can easily settle your ETF and still have some funds left to purchase your desired new phone.

How to Qualify?

The first step to enjoying this amazing offer is to switch to Verizon and keep your number from any postpaid phone carrier. Then, your existing phone which should be in very good condition will be traded in.vAfter the two aforementioned steps, the bills which contain your early termination fee and your final balance of payment or the remaining amount for your device lease agreement will be submitted. And the final step, is just easy, use Verizon’s network continuously, wait for one or two months to bonus amount in full while you pay all the due payments.

If you follow these guidelines, you will receive a Visa prepaid card with an existing credit of $650 on it delivered to your registered address within 8 weeks. The card can be used to make any purchase, but unfortunately, you can’t withdraw it at an ATM dispensing machine.

How to Switch T-Mobile

T-Mobile offers some exclusive switch cell phone carriers deal. The deals are so good that it makes you will feel like you are switching almost freely.

1. Get Discount on iPhone 11

A brand-new iPhone 11 64GB version costs around $700 in T-Mobile online store, but when you switch to a T-Mobile network, you will get it at $120.

Offer Features:

This switching deal gives you iPhone 11 with a great discount. The amount of discount can vary from each person as there is a requirement for trade-in. the phone’s model and condition determines the value for the trade-in will vary from an individual to the other, but the maximum anybody can get is $580 discount.

In addition, you will be able to get 4 phones for your family in this offer. But, it’s not compulsory to accept 4 phones, you can choose to be given only one iPhone 11. finally, do not cancel the service on any of the lines else, your monthly payments will be stopped and the remaining amount will automatically expire.

Steps to Getting The Deal:

  1. Be determined and follow the steps to switch to T-Mobile. You have the free will to keep your existing number of opt-in for a new one from T-Mobile.
  2. Trade-in your old device.
  3. Buy an iPhone 11 on an eligible monthly plan from a T-Mobile store.
  4. Buy a new line for your new iPhone, then activate it with a qualified monthly plan at $35 or more.
  5. Make sure you pay all taxes and other fees at the moment of your purchase, then wait for two consecutive billing cycles to start receiving your discount amount.

2. iPhone 8 Switch Deals

When you want to switch to T-Mobile, T-Mobile has an offer that allows you to get a brand-new iPhone 8 as you join their network. So, you will be starting a new page with a new phone.

Offer Features:

When you want to get an iPhone 8 in a retail store, you should have about $450; when you meet some certain conditions, then you are on the way to get your next iPhone at a free cost. To lay your hands on this 64GB version, you will have to trade-in any of these eligible devices: SE, 5s, 5, 6s Plus, 6s, 6 Plus, or iPhone 6. Just make sure you are trading in any version of the listed devices in a good condition, then, switch to T-Mobile and add an additional line, and you will get the phone in your hands.

Steps to Getting The Deal:

  1. Be determined and follow the steps to switch to T-Mobile. You have the free will to keep your existing number of opt-in for a new one from T-Mobile.
  2. Trade-in your old device.
  3. Buy an iPhone 8 on an eligible monthly plan from the t-mobile store.
  4. Buy a new line for your new iPhone, then activate it with a qualified monthly plan at $35 or more.
  5. Make sure you pay all taxes and other fees at the moment of your .purchase, then wait for two consecutive billing cycles to start receiving your discount amount.

3. Free Smartphones

You might have been wondering if T-Mobile is only for the iPhone users, No, as a smart phone user T-Mobile also has their offer which has been made specifically for android users like myself.

Offer Features:

As a new customer, who is willing to switch to T-Mobile network. T mobile has selected some random android phones to give their new customers for free. To be eligible for this offer, you don’t need to port in your number or trade-in any device. You will receive a discount of $225, this is value above almost every retail store price of all smartphones.

Steps to Getting The Deal:

  • Firstly, port to T-Mobile, buy any of the following phones, buy LG Aristo 4+, LG K40, T-Mobile REVVLRY, Galaxy A10e, Moto G7 Power, or Moto e6 on qualified monthly installment plan.
  • Get a new line for the phone and then get a qualifying plan for that line.
  • The plan can be Essential, Magenta, or Magenta Plus.
  • Make sure you pay all taxes and other fees at the moment of your purchase, then wait for two consecutive billing cycles to start receiving your discount amount.

Best Cell Phone Deals No Contract

  • Sprint Unlimited Kickstart Plans

Are you looking for a plan that offers unlimited data, talk, and text? sprint unlimited kickstart plans could be your best bet. You will receive unlimited data as well as unlimited national talk and text including global roaming at 2G speeds just for $35/month. You can stream your favorites videos up to 480p, games up to the speed of 2mbps, and music with a speed up to 500kbps.

If you are bringing your own phone or decided to buy a new one you are at liberty to do any of the two, but bringing your phone and number to Sprint will make you qualify to receive a $300 prepaid Mastercard from sprint.

  • Verizon Start Unlimited Plans

Here is a plan directly provided by Verizon. For $35/month you will be having access to unlimited talk and text, and unlimited data. You will also be able to enjoy Disney+ for a duration of 1 year, and also listen to Apple Music for free for a duration of 6 months. It doesn’t end there, the network will also give you unlimited calls, texts and data streaming in Mexico and Canada.

  • T-Mobile Magenta Plans

The Magenta plan will open a lot of benefits for you. You have free access to unlimited talk and text, unlimited data, abroad data and text, in-flight Wi-Fi, Netflix, and Quibi. Your talk and text when you travel to Mexico and Canada are also covered. You also have access to data up to 5GB. It is a bit costly at 70/month but you’ll be given a discount if you add more lines.

  • AT&T Unlimited Starter Plans

At $35 per month, this plan offers you unlimited talk and text and unlimited data. You can send text unlimitedly to over 120 countries, likewise, stream videos and games in standard definition. The most superb of this plan is that AT&T provides you with security, gives alerts for spam risk and fraud blocking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What phone companies give free phones when you switch?

T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T offer you some reasonable discount when you switch to their network.

Which carrier pays you to switch?

Verizon pays you to switch by trading in your old device. You can get a maximum $560 dollar, the amount you get is determined by the condition of your current phone.

Does it cost money to switch cell phone carriers?

Yes, if you are on contract with your old phone carrier, you might have to pay an ETF. Luckily most cellphone providers now offer to help in paying up your ETF.

Can I switch cell phone carriers if I still owe on my phone?

No, you might have to clear your bills. But you can reach out to the carrier representative to inquire about the rules and requirements of such a situation.

How can I switch phone carriers without paying?

Sorry, let me say it is impossible, because you will have to pay for taxes, SIM registration if you are buying a new SIM, and likewise if you will be carrying out the switching operation at a local store, but it’s free if it’s done online.

Will I lose text messages when I switch carriers?

If you are getting a new phone, I will advise you to backup all your necessary information on your old phone to avoid loss of data.


With all the explanations made, switch from cell phone carriers deals could be the last solution times. The best way to go about carrier switch is researching for the carrier that best serves your interest at that moment, check out for the carrier with the best coverage, The most affordable plan which is cheap but also gives your desired value for your money, the one that allows your keep your cell phone and your old number, juxtapose all available option as almost every phone carrier are committed to improving the quality of services they offer to their respective customers.