Best Sprint Deals For Switching

Various carriers offer a hand full of benefits not limited to the US subscribers including free phones and gadgets upon switching to their networks. These benefits are enjoyed by both companies and customers. Through the competition, companies and the associated industries make their services better in order to win more customers and enhance health and productive competition in the market arena. There is also price revision to enable the customers to enjoy a network of their choice at an affordable price deal.

In this context, it is our thought that sprint is far much ahead of other carriers in service provision and quality deals which every person would like to enjoy. To reach such a conclusion, several benefits, deals, and advantages have been included in the sprint options to serve their customers upon switching into the sprint deal. Discussed below are the best sprint deals for switching you can opt to use with their tied benefits, deals, advantages, and disadvantages to help you know more about them better before choosing from them.

Best Sprint Deals for Switching [Top 10 Deals]

1. Sprint Unlimited kickstart

You can use this offer to pay a $35 monthly fee per line to get talk time, text, and unlimited data. An annual contract agreement is required in this offer. The benefits of an unlimited kickstart sprint are not limited to stream music provision for up to 500kbps, videos with 480p quality, and gaming with 2mbps.

Requirement: Switch your gadget or acquire a new device from Sprint, own a line, and buy this data plan, then activate your device to enjoy the services.


  • $300 master card for new customers.
  • 500 kbps music streaming.
  • Not able to sign an annual contract.
  • 480 p video streaming quality.
  • 2mbps gaming option.
  • Video streaming under the standard definition.
  • $60 per month starts.
  • 5GB LTE data under roaming activity.

  • Accompanied with HULU video streaming.
  • It is very cheap.
  • Up to 5 lines can be added.
  • With only $35 per month you can get unlimited data.
  • Able to get your own phone after deal subscription.
  • Able to track your account.

  • A new mobile phone cannot be leased.
  • Only able to sign up for this plan when online.

2. Sprint Contract Buyout

This gives you up to $650 for coverage at the switching expenses. It allows you to pay installments to get the services. To enjoy the offer, you need a MasterCard which you use for transactions such as making cash out.

Requirement: You have to connect your number to sprint, activate it on flex lease, and hand in the bill documents. After the whole process, you get MasterCard within 5 to 8 weeks.


  • $650 offer to cover expenses of switching.
  • You can pay in installments.
  • MasterCard accompaniment upon subscription.
  • Mobile hotspot available.

  • The simple process of accessing the deal, henceforth saving time.
  • Each month a billing credit is applied to your statement.
  • Has a prepay option after a period of about 15 days.

  • Taxes and other fees not included in $650 offer.
  • You are needed an activation fee up to $30 per phone.
  • Requires you to pay all taxes on both gadgets.
  • You need first to make two to three payments on both phones before accessing the services.

3. Bring Your Own Device to Sprint

This costs $150 for 5 lines for unlimited plus and a total of $200 for 5lines for the unlimited premium costs.

Requirement: This requires you to bring your gadget to sprint and purchase single or multiple lines.


  • Unlimited 3G mobile hotspot data.
  • 5G access included.
  • Unlimited talk.
  • Unlimited texting.
  • Scam blocking protection.
  • 4G LTE data.

  • Has free mobile hotspot data.
  • Able to detect scam information.
  • Offers for unlimited talk and text.

  • This offers only postpaid plan, Not prepaid plan

4. Switching Deals to Sprint and Save

You can save cash on monthly payments especially for LG smartphones upon switching to sprint deals. The offer requires acquiring a new line for service delivery.

Requirement: You need to provide your current number, purchase any of the phones, acquire a new line, pay fees and taxes, and enjoy one LG phone offer for 18 months without any pay.


  • $0 per month offer.
  • Unlimited text and talk offer.
  • Music streaming enabled.
  • Mobile hotspot enabled.

  • LG tribute royal and LG tribute empire availability.
  • No spending extra money on devices upon subscription.

  • The offer requires purchasing of a new line of service.
  • Needs time bound eligible upgrades.
  • Taxes and fees included.

5. Lines for Free Upon Switching to Sprint

Without paying for the third, fourth, and fifth lines, you can buy unlimited data deals by switching to the sprint. The offer provides unlimited 3G data, 500MB 4G data, 500 kbps music streaming, 480p video streaming, and 2mbps for games.

Requirement: Required to switch to Sprint and get up to 5 lines. After paying for the first two lines, the other lines you get without any fee.


  • 500 MB 4G data.
  • 500 kbps music streaming.
  • 3G unlimited data.
  • 480P video streaming.
  • 2 Mbps for gaming.

  • Abled to get three lines for free.
  • Unlimited talk time offer.
  • 5G of LTE data.
  • Unlimited text offer.

  • You must acquire the first two lines before being awarded 3 lines free.

6. Unlimited 55+ Switching to Sprint Deals

This plan is selective in terms of age, as you can only enjoy it having attained 55 years or more. The deal includes SD video streaming, 2mbps gaming, unlimited talk time, text and data provision, music streaming for up to 500kbps, and a mobile hotspot.

Requirement: You need to hand in your number, get up to 2 lines for your new account, buy 55+ plans with auto pay. Upon paying other fees and taxes, you enjoy $35 monthly.


  • 600kbps 3G hotspot.
  • Voicemail to text enabled.
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi –on Go-go.
  • 256 kbps unlimited speed data which runs up to 2 times speeds in 210 plus.
  • Unlimited HD video streaming while in US.

  • Has an offer of 3G mobile hotspot after 20 GB.
  • Has unlimited HD streaming ability.
  • Enabled to detect ID –identity from unknown numbers.

  • The plan is selective in terms of age bracket.

7. Free Phones Plan

Sprint plan is a good carrier deal for you as it offers you five phones when you switch to it. The company has been generous enough to its customers in the US and provides very good coverage nationwide. These phones are enabled to combat a diversity of sprint technology including GSM and CDMA LTE. Your preference and your budget are all that you will include in the plan to join the sprint. You only require to bring a compatible phone which is unlocked. Acquire line and activate it to receive the services.


  • GSM and CDMA LTE enabled.
  • Unlimited talk and text.
  • HD video streaming.
  • 10 GB hotspot.
  • High display resolution.5G network enabled.

  • Offers unlimited text and talk.
  • Upon subscription, no extra money required.
  • Able to get up to five free phones upon subscription.

  • It is slightly expensive.

8. Family Plan Sprint Deals

Sprint carrier offer a wide range of services by subscribing to family plan sprint deals. Just bring your phone and switch to sprint, then enjoy an offer of $140 per month for 4 lines. When you have one time pay.


  • 185+ destination international roaming.
  • HD video streaming.
  • Unlimited talk.
  • Unlimited text.
  • 10 GB when in Mexico and Canada.
  • 50 GB hotspot.
  • Tidal subscription.

  • Offers unlimited talk and text.
  • Instant pay is very cheap ($140).
  • Hotspot enabled carrier.

  • Prices depended on either instant pay or instalments.

9. Military Sprint Deals

Included in the plan is unlimited services in talk and texting. You will get a relief of 50% upon switching to the sprint carrier as compared to the ratings by other carriers in the US. Line 2 only costs $30 per month while you get additional lines at $20 per month each line.


  • $20 monthly offer for additional lines.
  • 100 GB of LTE data usage.
  • Unlimited talk.
  • Unlimited text.
  • High speed Data.
  • Full HD streaming.
  • Mobile hotspot.
  • 5G access.

  • No charges for roaming in US.
  • Saves 50% on its lines.
  • No extra charges when used globally.
  • Voice mail enabled.

  • Includes reduction of speeds under congestion.

10. Premium Sprint Deals

Switch to premium sprint and enjoy unlimited text and talk which is not confined to a specific distance length. You can pay for the subscription either by installments or full payment depending on your budget and preference. This deal offers you a price relief of $60 on the fourth and fifth line after acquiring the first line for $80 per month, the second for $60 per month, and the third for $20 per month.


  • 4G LTE enabled.
  • HD voice.
  • Unlimited texts.
  • Unlimited talk.
  • Premium music service.
  • No charges for roaming in 200+ countries.
  • 100GB LTE.
  • 3G speed network.
  • Texts and calls to Mexico.

  • Hotspot enabled.
  • Has waived fee offer for line 1.
  • No call and text international limits.

  • Price relief is only tied on full pay option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will Sprint Pay off my Phone if i Switch?

Sprint has an offer to cover up to $650 of the total costs for switching. In case you would like to get a card, online registration is required.

Can You Switch at Mobile Phone to Sprint?

Yes, T- mobile and other devices from sprint will provide good coverage if you switch to the sprint carrier.

Who is Sprint Compatible With?

Various gadgets are compatible with sprint, not limited to; republic wireless, tracfone, straight talk, net 10 wireless, and tello mobile. Apart from tello mobile, the others use a multiple of networks.

Who is Better, Sprint or T-Mobile?

We recommend you to pick sprint since it has low prices. Taxes, fees and other charges are included in T- mobile. When you compare data for the unlimited plans, sprint offers 23GB while T-Mobile offers magenta 50 GB allotment.

How Long is the Sprint Contract?

Sprint gives two year contract to its users. This leaves AT&T as the only US carrier that offer 2 year contract.

Can You Use a Sprint Phone on Straight Talk?

On this program, you are able to connect to a straight talk, provided that it is compatible with splint KYOP program.

Can Sprint Ruin Your Credit?

You have not to worry about as far as your credit score is concerned. If you have a history of defying the payments, the account is reported to the bureaus of the concerned agency.

Does Sprint Have a Grace Period?

You will be given a grace period of 10 days from the due date. In case you need to make some payment arrangements, just contact the customer care service.

Final Word

You have not misunderstood the availability of the sprint switching deals in the market stores. The detailed specifications, benefits, pros, and cons should open up your eyes and know which deal is good and compatible with your device under consideration of location. Any subscriber can avail of the sprints to the customer. There are very generous offers tied to some deals, if not all, which should motivate you to switch to sprint from using the other carriers.