The Best Phone Plans With No Credit Check – Easy Methods

In the contemporary way of living, a cell phone is a major requirement. However, most mobile phones aren’t modest, and numerous individuals require to make installments on a gadget as opposed to getting one altogether.

If they need to make international business calls, they will have to buy phone plans. However, what choices do you have on the off chance that you need a Personal Digital Assistant to make International calls and you have helpless credit or no credit?

In this article, we’ll show the places where you can receive cell phone recharging without a credit check, which places offer mobile phone financing for helpless credit or no credit clients. This article mainly discusses whether there is a way of getting phone plans without a credit check.

We will also discuss the benefits of getting phone plans without credit checks and factors we should consider before getting phone plans with no credit check. Here I have discussed 10 elements, which we should consider for getting phone plans with no credit check.

While discussing getting phone plans with no credit check, I have discussed some stores, where we can get mobile phone plans with no credit check. Normally, after becoming 18 years old, you will have a financial record and additional charge or Visa, and demonstrate a base month to month salary to be endorsed for these offers. So, what these stores can offer is discussed in this article.

The Best Phone Plans With No Credit Check – Provides

Phone Plans With No Credit Check

Regardless of whether you have to chip away at your FICO rating, there are as yet a few different ways you can get a mobile phone plans with no credit check. Here are a few elements, we have to consider getting a mobile phone plan without a credit check.

1. Utilize A Prepaid Transporter

Rather than pursuing a customs arrangement with a phone organization, work with a prepaid transporter. Prepaid plans are more affordable than standard phone plans and you won’t need to focus on an agreement.


  • In this case, you can enjoy your International Calls without any credit checks.
  • Along these lines, on the off chance that you conclude that you need to change to an alternate organization, you can do as such without paying expensive charges.
  • No credit checks required for International Calls

  • In remote places, you may face problems

2. Pursue A Family Plan

Joining a family plan is another way you can get wireless with no credit.


  • Most of the transporters offer family designs that permit an essential record holder to add additional lines to their record.
  • While the essential record holder will be dependent upon a credit check, extra line holders regularly aren’t dependent upon these equivalent conditions.
  • In this case, you have to make sure that you are using an appropriate family plan.

  • You can jeopardize the family plan if you do not pay systematically

3. Consider A Security Store

Numerous respectable wireless bearers will offer plans without running a credit check on the off chance that you pay a security store. At the end of the day, you’ll pay for the administration in advance rather than toward the finish of a charging cycle.


  • So there’s no hazard to the bearer.
  • Security store sums change from transporter to bearer.

  • Be that as it may, your credit might be checked to decide the amount of a store you have to put down.
  • But at first check the background of the store, otherwise, you will get scammed
  • Bearers can be a fraud.

4. Get A Co-User

Finally, you can get a mobile phone plan with no credit if you have a co-user, with someone who has great credits.


  • You can use the co-users name
  • The co-user will be considered answerable for any queries regarding the installments.
  • If you can not find someone with great credits, then take the help of operators like Kmart to get phone plans without credit checks.

  • Co-users may cheat

5. Persons Moved From Abroad, Should Use Their International Credit History

Companies like Nova Credit have manufactured innovation to interpret credit information from other nations except the USA so that newcomers can choose to share with U.S. organizations when they apply for credit items here.


  • Whenever someone moves from abroad they should utilize their global record of loan repayment to get phone plans with no credit checks.
  • This will help you to get phone plans with no credit check.

  • People who are moving from countries where there is no such thing as credit checks will face problems.

6. Finding The Proper No Credit Check Phone Plans

Consumers sometimes need to compare no credit check telephone plans to choose their most suitable option. Everyone should remember that postpaid and prepaid plans are available.


  • People can use plans according to their wish
  • Prepaid plans do not require any deposit.
  • They can use it to avoid credit checks.

  • Sometimes the service can be so frustrating
  • Poor roaming capabilities

7. Use No Credit Check Phone Services (Like T-Mobile Or Cricket)

Fortunately, many major service providers have special plans that do not require any quite a credit check.


  • You can use much cheaper plans
  • No matter how bad your credit rating is, you will always have access to a phone.

  • The downside to those plans is that they will not have all the features you will see with a standard contract.

8. Become A Licensed User

Becoming a licensed user means, your credit card is authorized via the owners previously.


  • If your credit card is authorized, you may get more opportunities to receive phone plans with no credit checks.
  • On the other hand, you can do something like the co-signer thing. How? You can use credit cards of someone, whose account is authorized.

  • Your phone plans can get affected if the relationship gets worse.

9. A Fast Check-Out Plans From Various Carriers

T-Mobile features a variety of comparable prepaid plans for consumers which may rather pay beforehand.


  • T-Mobile has some Simple Choice No Credit Check service plans.
  • Plans for $50, customers receive 1GB of 4G LTE data also as unlimited calls and texts.
  • Plans for $60, $70, and $80 are available. The $80 plan includes unlimited 4G LTE data. T-Mobile features a variety of comparable prepaid plans for consumers which may rather pay beforehand.

  • Customers may not be able to choose more than 12 months package
  • After that, they may need to check their credits

10. Customers Can Apply for A New Carrier

Customers can always apply for a new carrier. Before that he or she can repair his or her credit card. After repairing their credit cards, they can apply.


  • Your credit card will get repaired
  • You will get better opportunities to get phone plans without credit checks
  • You may get a new carrier

  • It is not the most applicable solution
  • You may only choose this step if you cannot the above ones

Best 5 Store Providing Cell Phone Plans With No Credit Check

1. Kmart

How it Operates:

  • For getting phone plans without credit checks we have to apply on the web or in any Kmart store for rent-to-claim endorsement.
  • Later we have to get an endorsement code to get our telephone at Kmart.


  • For getting phone plans without a credit check from Kmart, we must have a functioning installment source like a charge card, Mastercard, and substantial picture ID

phone brands like Samsung, LG, Alcatel, ZTE are accessible by Kmart.

2. MetroPCS

How it Works:

  • This company uses SmartPay for no-credit-check endorsement.
  • Customers have to apply on the web or in near stores for Smartpay endorsement.
  • Thereafter utilize your endorsement code to shop at any MetroPCS store.

There are some prerequisites for getting a phone plan without a credit check. Customers have to show the proof of their monthly income (least $1,000 per month), substantial Social Security number or ITIN, and a functioning charge or Mastercard.

phone brands which this company can access are some of the most significant brands including iPhone, Samsung, LG, Alcatel, ZTE, and HTC

3. Lease 2-OWN

How it Operates:

  • Apply available for endorsement.
  • The first installment is due at marking, at that point week after week installments until the rent sum is paid off.
  • Early buyout terms are accessible.


  • Active installment sources like a charge card, Visa, or financial records.
  • Confirmation of salary, and substantial personal ID.

iPhone, Samsung, Motorola are accessible by this company

4. Lease A-Center

How it Runs:

  • First of all, we have to apply on the web or come up with an endorsement.
  • First installment due on acknowledgment;
  • We can give week by week installments until rent is paid off.
  • Early buyout terms are available.
  • Rented telephones can be returned for an installment freeze without trial.


  • Valid ID.
  • Verification of pay.
  • Dynamic installment source (financial records, charge, or Mastercard).

Phone brands which are accessible by this company are Samsung, Blu

5. RentDelite

How it Functions:

  • First of all, we have to visit any Rent Delite store or accomplice area or apply on the web, for rent endorsement.
  • Rent Delite will send rented telephones legitimately to your home, so there’s no compelling purpose to visit a store in case you’re not almost one.


  • Customers ought to have a legitimate ledger in any event 3 months old and make in any event $1,500 every month.

This company can access a vast number of brands including iPhone, Samsung, LG, Alcatel, ZTE, Motorola, BlackBerry, HTC, Huawei.

Advantages of Phone Plans With No Credit Check

1. Your past credit doesn’t matter:

Most of the companies tend to check your credit score before providing you a plan. A bad score can lead to a situation where the company wouldn’t give you the plan. So, in such a case you can opt for a phone plan without a credit check.

2. It avoids commitment:

Phone plans with no credit check require no deposit. Hence you are not committed to that company. You can switch the plans whenever you want to without the fear of losing your deposits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it Possible to Get a Phone Contract With a Poor Credit Score?

Answer: Well, a poor credit score doesn’t mean that you are not eligible to get a cell phone contract. It only means that you won’t be the company’s first preference.

Q: Can I Build My Credit By Paying the Bill for My Phone?

Answer: Yes. Paying the cell phone bills is a great idea if you want to build your credit score because they can be included in your credit report.

Q: What is the Minimum Credit Score Required for a Cell Phone?

Answer: Basically the credit score is given by credit rating companies, and each of the companies uses different algorithms for coming up with a “grade” which typically ranges between 300 and 850. That number is used to rank you.

Q: What Cell Phone Company Doesn’t Require a Credit Check?

Answer: A Prepaid cell phone plan does not require a credit check. This is because you will pay in advance for the service, so the cell phone provider is not at risk. Four of the major companies that don’t focus on credit checks are Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

Q: What Credit Score is Needed By a Cosigner?

Answer: Generally, lenders look for a potential cosigner who has a credit rating score of around 700.


If you don’t have incredible credit or you haven’t begun building a credit record yet, there are still ways you can back the most recent cell phone plan. In the United States, a financial assessment is significant for some administrations, including phone plans.

If you have no credit or awful credit, there are ways that you can get a wireless arrangement without experiencing a credit check by using these above mentioned mobile phone plans with no credit check. While the methodologies referenced here are positively practical approaches to get a wireless, it’s as yet a smart thought to deal with building your credit as it will always help you in the long run.