Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Unlimited

The cell phone has become an essential part of our day-to-day life. Nowadays, choosing the best prepaid unlimited plans for our cell phone is a very tedious process with respect to our data and calling needs. We will be discussing how to choose the best prepaid unlimited cell phone plans from plenty of companies from the technology market.

We really don’t want to spend more on our mobile regarding unlimited data plans. We need more benefits at a low cost. We need to choose a plan with unlimited data, call and text services. We should ace from the recognized company in the market which provides the best quality in their service.

Essential of Cell Phone Unlimited Prepaid Plans:

Unlimited data plans are an important need for people who travel often. We cannot be very certain about the internet connection to the place we travel to. We can be accessible all time without hassles. There are few companies which provide various services over good pricing. We don’t need a monthly contract for using unlimited prepaid plans for our cell phone.

We can start or stop a plan without any difficulty. Families get the best advantage in using unlimited prepaid plans. We may not worry about our credit score because it is not a concern while choosing an unlimited plan. The benefit of using a prepaid plan is we can easily change our plan from one to another within a month of the current plan.

Top 12 Companies That Provides Unlimited Prepaid Plans for Cell Phone

  1. Verizon.
  2. AT&T.
  3. T-Mobile.
  4. Republic Wireless.
  5. Visible.
  6. Metro.
  7. Boost Mobile.
  8. Google Fi.
  9. Mint mobile.
  10. Cricket wireless.
  11. Straight Talk.
  12. Tello.

1. Verizon

Verizon is one of the best telecommunication providers in the US. Verizon provides the finest coverage in the US. Verizon covers up to 70 % of carrier coverage. Verizon provides many plans for us to consider. Verizon starts unlimited prepaid plan is the best to plan for customers. This plan starts from $65. It provides plenty of unlimited data. Discounts will be liable for 3, 9 months plans and auto-pay options.

The basic plan starts from $35 in Verizon. The family unlimited plan starts from $120 for four lines. It also supports limitless calling services to Mexico and Canada. Hotspot speed is about 600 KBPS. Verizon plan is also available exclusively for iPhone.

Pros of Verizon prepaid plans:

  • Best coverage.
  • Provides enormous data.
  • Choose between plans according to our needs.
  • Hotspot option at a high mark.
Cons of Verizon prepaid plans:

  • 5G plans price high.
  • Gags in overcrowded areas.

2. AT&T

AT&T is one of the best concerns in the telecommunication industry. It provides the best coverage and high-speed data. The basic plan starts at $25 per month. The unlimited plan starts at $50. The family plan has few issues to be solved. It provides speed up to 940 MBPS. Unlimited text services in over 120+ countries. AT&T services are available in Canada and Mexico too. It provides the best quality in video streaming. AT&T provides exclusively prepaid plans for nurses, military, and first responders.

AT&T Unlimited Elite starts from $85 per month. AT&T Unlimited Extra Family Plan starts from $160 per month for 4 lines. AT&T Unlimited Starter starts from $65 per month. It provides 30 GB of hotspot data. It provides spam alerts. It has both prepaid monthly and yearly plans. It does not slow down the speed even if the daily limit has crossed. It provides some free entertainment subscriptions as add-on features with their plans.

Pros of AT&T prepaid plans:

  • Cost-efficient.
  • Great network attainment.
  • Provides best discounts.
  • Uninterrupted streaming.
  • Unlimited text and call services.
Cons of AT&T prepaid plans:

  • Minimal perks.
  • Taxes are not included in prices.

3. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is one of the best wireless network operators in the US. T-Mobile provides the best data speed. Simply Prepaid Unlimited prepaid pack starts from $50 per month. Simply Prepaid Unlimited Plus prepaid plan starts from $60 per month. This plan provides 10 GB of hotspot data. T-Mobile provides an unlimited hotspot facility with a speed of 3G.

It provides a data cap of 50GB. We get 5G access with no additional charges. It provides unlimited music streaming. It provides free data roaming services. T-Mobile prepaid plans are cheaper than postpaid packs. T-Mobile has a very strong national wide coverage.

Pros of T-Mobile prepaid plans:

  • Finest data speed.
  • Unlimited voice call and text message services.
  • Best international benefits.
  • Netflix subscriptions in multiple line plans.
Cons of T-Mobile prepaid plans:

  • Coverage not available in many places.

4. Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is a virtual network provider in the mobile telephony industries. It provides 19 various plans to choose from. The basic plan starts at $6.67 per month. Republic Wireless uses T-Mobile and Sprint networks for networking purposes. 5 GB is the maximum limit available in Republic wireless plans. The plans available are completely risk-free and they provide a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Pros of Republic wireless prepaid plans:

  • Customization available in each plan.
  • Cheap plans available.
  • Best coverage present.
  • Yearly plans are also available.
Cons of republic wireless prepaid plans:

  • Not available for Iphone customers.
  • No unlimited data available.

5. Visible

Visible is a network provider from Verizon Telecommunication Company. It uses the Verizon network for its networking purposes. It provides the best network coverage. It provides unlimited data and hotspots. Visible $40 Unlimited Plan is the best plan for customers who need unlimited options. It provides unlimited call and text features. Visible party pay is the plan best for families which starts at the price of $100 per month. Video streaming quality is up to 480p. Online services are available for purchase.

Pros of Visible prepaid plans:

  • It provides unlimited data.
  • It uses Verizon for network.
  • No wrap on data speed.
  • Easy set up process.
  • Tax included in pricing.
Cons of Visible prepaid plans:

  • Gag at the overcrowded area.
  • It supports 5G in particular devices.

6. Metro

Metro is a network provider which works under T-Mobile. It uses T-Mobile for network coverage. $40 per month unlimited prepaid plan provides unlimited text and call services. $60 per month unlimited prepaid plan provides unlimited data. $60 per month family plan is best for families with multiple lines. It provided unlimited video streaming. The basic plan starts at $30. It provides 100GB of Google storage. Taxes are inclusive of the plans. They do not provide online purchases. It provides 4G LTE coverage.

Pros of Metro prepaid plans:

  • It provides a generous hotspot.
  • 5G access for all 5G accessible devices.
  • Best network coverage.
  • Provides cloud storage.
Cons of Metro prepaid plans:

  • It sets a limit for data speed.
  • Customer service is not satisfactory.
  • Video resolution is not up to the mark.
  • High price for unlimited plans.

7. Boost Mobile

Boost mobile is a telecommunication company that uses the network of T-Mobile. The unlimited GIGS plan starts at $50 per month. It provides unlimited national call limits and messages. Unlimited plus plan starts at $60 per month. Cloud gaming is available with this plan. Boost mobile network provides 12 GB of hotspot data. It gives a sixth monthly subscription to TIDAL music.

Pros of Boost prepaid plans:

  • It provides limitless music streaming options in all plans.
  • Lavish speed in hotspot data.
Cons of Boost prepaid plans:

  • It provides specked network coverage in rural areas.
  • Cost available in HD streaming.
  • Only four plans are available.

8. Google Fi

Google provides prepaid plans for unlimited data and text messages. Google Fi uses T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S cellular for network coverage. Unlimited for one is the unlimited prepaid data plan which starts at $70 per month. It connects to the best network available. It provides unlimited texting to over 200+ countries. It includes VPN protection and spam alerts. It provides 24/7 customer support.

Pros of Google Fi prepaid plans:

  • It provides international network coverage.
  • High data speed.
  • It provides 5G access wherever available.
  • It uses multiple carriers for the network.
Cons of Google Fi prepaid plans:

  • High-cost unlimited plans.
  • It works only on selected cell phone models.
  • Its data speed gags after 15GB data usage.
  • It does not work on iPhone.

9. Mint Mobile

Mint mobile is a prepaid network operator in the US which uses T-Mobiles network. An unlimited data plan is an unlimited prepaid plan which starts from $30 per month. The basic plan starts from $15 per month. It supports 5G. It provides WiFi calling and text facilities. High data speed available till 12GB.

Pros of Mint mobile prepaid plans:

  • Unlimited text available in every plan.
  • It provides unlimited data.
  • Very cheap unlimited plans.
Cons of Mint mobile prepaid plans:

  • Family plans are not available.
  • Mint mobile does not offer one month plan.

10. Cricket Wireless

Cricket wireless is a wireless network provider which comes under AT&T. Core unlimited plan is the unlimited prepaid plan which starts from $50 per month. The data speed provided is 8MBPS. More unlimited & 15 GB mobile hotspot plan is also an unlimited prepaid plan which starts from $55. The basic plan starts from $30 per month. Video streaming speed at 1.5 MBPS.

Pros of cricket wireless prepaid plans:

  • It provides 5G access.
  • No extra taxes.
  • Easy to transfer from one device to another.
Cons of cricket wireless prepaid plans:

  • It limits the international roaming.
  • Low data speed.
  • Less audio and video quality.

11. Straight Talk

Straight talk is a prepaid mobile network run by TracFone wireless communications in the US. It uses AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile for the network. Ultimate unlimited data plan is one of the unlimited plans which starts from $55 per month. Platinum unlimited data plan is one of the unlimited plans which starts from $60 per month. It provides 100 GB of cloud storage and 20 GB of hotspot data. It provides 90 days of Pandora music subscription. It provides free-roaming services in the US.

Pros of Straight talk prepaid plans:

  • Best for international customers.
  • It provides enormous data.
Cons of Straight talk prepaid plans:

  • High price on unlimited plans.
  • Less offers available in auto payment option.

12. Tello

Tello is one of the prepaid mobile network company which uses T-Mobile network for its coverage purposes. Unlimited talk, text & data plan is the unlimited plan in Tello which starts from $39 per month. It provides the fastest LTE connection. It provides unlimited text message services. It slows data speed after 25 GB of data limit. Tello does not ask for activation or early termination fee from its customers. Tello plans are a good choice for students.

Pros of Tello prepaid plans:

  • All plans are available online.
  • No extra charges.
  • Cost efficient plans available.
  • 30 days guarantee available.
Cons of Tello prepaid plans:

  • It does not provide roaming option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which company provides the cheapest unlimited prepaid plan?

Mint mobile provides the cheapest unlimited plan which starts from $30 per month.

Which company provides international coverage?

Google Fi and Straight talk provides international coverage.

Does Mint Mobile provide one month plan?

No, Mint Mobile does not provide one month plan. It provides only 3, 6 and 12 prepaid months plan.

Which are the top three providers of best network providers in US?

Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are the top three network providers in US.

Will Verizon prepaid plan work in T-Mobile prepaid cellphone?

No, Verizon prepaid plan will not work in T-Mobile prepaid cellphone.


We should have a clear picture of our preferences before selecting our prepaid unlimited plan. We need a plan that provides unlimited data, call, and text services without interruption. Our plan should provide a decent speed in hotspot and international roaming features. It should have good network coverage and must be cost-efficient too. We should compare all plans from various companies available in the market before selecting one unlimited plan for us. We should be aware of the hidden charges, taxes, and discounts that are liable with our plans.