Best Online Phone Number for Receiving Texts

A virtual phone number is really a standard phone number. You can utilize it to make and get considers simply like some other online phone number for receiving texts. Individuals calling the number won’t realize that they are calling a virtual number. In this article, we will clarify what a virtual number is, the thing that various kinds there are, and how you can utilize it for noting and making calls.

Ordinary online phone number receiving texts are arranged by the nearby phone organization to associate approaching calls to physical phones associated with their system or to cell phones that have SIM cards enlisted with their portable system. This implies ordinary phone numbers are associated with something physical. Virtual numbers then again are not associated with anything physical.

The Best Online Phone Number For Receiving Texts

  • Text Free
  • Hushed
  • Call Hippo
  • Burner
  • Spooftel
  • Vyke
  • Google Voice
  • 2nd Line

1. Text Free

Text free is an application that offers a free US online phone number to allow the user to make local receiving calls and texts messages for messages with a changed or selected number but allows 60 minutes calls for long-distance calls though payment is needed to be made for longer periods.

Email is the only thing needed for first use and the user may not possess the first phone before use meaning calls can be made while connected to the Wi-Fi. Also allows texting on a browser that is more comfortable than on a mobile and it can also be used on a phone or device that is not activated and is available on the iOS and Android platforms.


  • It is free to use.
  • Allows distant calls.
  • It functions while connected to the internet or Wi-Fi assess.
  • Functions on the inactivated device.
  • User friendly.

  • It is not absolutely free.
  • The long-distance call is limited.

2. Hushed

It is available on the iOS and Android user platform. It offers a free mobile number for a short period and provides some payment plan for a long period of use. The hushed app has a presence in more than 60 countries around the world making it have wider coverage. It can be used and easily assessed while connected to WiFi.

It is a very secure and encrypted network. Also allows for the management of various numbers and suitable for online dating, travel, business, and more. It is also loaded with a lot of highlights such as call forwarding, auto-reply messages, custom voicemail pleasantries e.t.c and offers premium protection.


  • Wider coverage of more than 60 countries.
  • Anonymity
  • Calls and text are traceable.
  • It does not display on phone bills and records.
  • Offers multiple mobile numbers

  • Expensive monthly plan.
  • Free for a short period.

3. Call Hippo

Actualizing a US virtual phone number in your new business isn’t unreasonably common; you have to discover a dependable specialist organization that can help you in getting a virtual US phone number. These virtual numbers are helpful for all your office offices, for example, the business division, client care, showcasing, tasks, business improvement, and so forth.


  • Good for wide coverage
  • Cheap to use.
  • Anonymity

  • Not very fast.
  • Network fluctuate.

4. Burner

The Burner app is a bonafide second mobile number application that allows making calls, sending text messages, and photos while changing phone numbers. It protects the user’s personal phone number and keeps it concealed while the burner’s ephemeral number is used for calling and texting. Calls that are received through this number are redirected by the app to the mobile phone so as to conceal the user’s mobile number.

The burner number, therefore, appears on the receiver’s phone thereby keeping the caller’s number private. Different mobile numbers are created within the U.S and Canada using the area code and the main phone number is concealed while texting and calling and the number can be deleted at any time by “burning” it. The platform also allows integration with other apps such as Google Sheets, Dropbox, Everyone, the Sound cloud which aids easy and, text, and photos to be easily archived.


  • Available on the IOS and Android platform.
  • Free mobile number.
  • Anonymity
  • Numbers can be deleted at any time.

  • Only free for a short period of time. (1 week).
  • Only available in the US and Canada.

5. Spooftel

SpoofTel enables, users, Users’ caller ID can be counterfeited by using a different number or changing mobile numbers. The conversation of call participants can be recorded and the voice of the user can be switched between male and female which are significantly important features. The privacy of the caller is highly protected and concealed with the use of this application and it is free to use.


  • It is free to use.
  • It offers premium privacy and protection for users.
  • It is user friendly.
  • Voice changing feature.

  • Activity is affected significantly by network throttling.

6. Vyke

It is also very useful for dating, internet commerce, online forms, work, and professional updates. this offers up to four additional phone numbers and enables phone numbers to be changed effectively with free call and text messages online. The highlights include privacy of private numbers, customization of the profile, voice mail personalization, displaying of caller and number, and choice of time available.


  • It has many important features.
  • It is free and easy to use.
  • It has a wide coverage.

  • Limited numbers.
  • Payment required for long-distance calls.

7. Google Voice

Google voice gives the opportunity if one is looking to obtain a free virtual commerce mobile application, it can be easily connected to all other google applications and other apps used for commerce. Users can use the app to obtain a new number and change numbers to make a call in the united states and Canada for free. But if one wants to call elsewhere one is required to subscribe to a plan that is a little affordable.

It permits anybody with a Google mail account to select a mobile number and one can obtain various selections of controlling and supervising calls made to that mobile number and also easily change phone numbers to make specific calls. Calls can also be navigated to different lines such as home, office, store, and more.

The google voice app is good for making out of the zone or far distance calls and also be used for sending and receiving text messages, voicemail messages can be played and toggle do-not-disturb mode can be activated and all this can these can be converted to the text which serves as an extra package. The use of the Google voice app is absolutely free and it has been fixed to be less cumbersome and complicated with the latest updates


  • It is absolutely free to use.
  • It has a wide coverage.

  • Only a single number is provided.

8. 2nd Line

It is a highly featured application the operates functionally in the United States and Canada. It enables the user to text and calls through a separate number I.e a change of number on the app when connected to a Wi-Fi or connecting cellular network. Local numbers are chosen with uncountable text and photo chatting. Unlimited calls and inexpensive international calls are also made.

Transcription of voicemails, forwarding of calls, Caller ID, Customization of ringtones and text, quick reply, and text signature is also possible. Passwords can also be used to secure text and profile to ensure privatization.


  • User customization.
  • High security.
  • High speed.
  • Effective privatization.

  • The low area of coverage
  • Limited

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Can I receive Text Messages Online?

OTP number is a special 6- character code used only once and is directed only to a registered phone number in BDO online banking. Then encoding your user ID and password, will then be required to complete a sign-in process.

How Can I Get My OTP Number Online?

  • Visit
  • Pick a destination country.
  • Text the network provider of the person who you choose to select.
  • Type in the mobile number.
  • Enter your email if you want to receive a response message.
  • Send a message.

Is Receiving SMS Online Safe?

No, it is not safe to receive SMS online as most times it is usually compromised as there is no profound security assured.

How Can I Get A Virtual Number To Receive SMS?

Install a temporary mobile number application on your phone that allows users to dial calls and send messages from new numbers. Many applications provide new numbers in almost every area code and allow for discarding of numbers after use.


A great many people are scared of changing their phone numbers. Luckily, by making only a couple of straightforward strides you will acclimatize with any issue that may emerge and have the option to begin utilizing your new, better phone number right away. Maybe the most significant activity is to refresh any contact data including any loaning organizations and understudy advances, contract loaning banks, and auto lenders, just as Visa organizations and speculation accounts.

With your contact data at significant budgetary organizations state-of-the-art, you can proceed onward to refresh other, lesser, yet at the same time significant suppliers to ensure they have your right contact data. This will incorporate utility and link suppliers for instance. While not totally fundamental that you advise them of an adjustment in contact data, you’ll see that doing so makes any future correspondence that a lot simpler.

The last notice you’ll need to make is to the reaches you need to keep. By and large, you will utilize a similar phone, and the entirety of the information is put away locally. You can go rapidly through your most dynamic contacts and send them a book to tell them of the change. On the off chance that you do need to change phones, most bearers empower you to send out your current rundown of contact. many make accessible portable applications to do the main part of the computerized work.

You should at present experience the rundown and dispense with any that you no longer need to keep. Make an exceptional, separate rundown of crisis contact numbers and inform them first that your online phone number receiving texts has changed, and afterward go from that point. Changing your phone number shouldn’t be a debilitating and tedious venture.