Top 10 Best Flip Phones for Kids

A flip phone comprises at least two areas that are associated with pivots, permitting the phones for kids to flip open at that point overlap shut so as to turn out to be progressively conservative. At this point, when flipped open, the phone screen and console are accessible. When flipped shut, the phone turns out to be a lot littler and more versatile than when it is opened for use.

Flip phones for kids that are less modern, and are essential. We should place as a top priority that advanced cell phones have unhindered access to the web. With a great cell phone and web, one can explore through the website seeing what was not recently observed.

It is basic to affirm the phone use has caused such numerous numbers of damages that have left parents in problem in considering the way that in the event that they can at present permit their youngsters to utilize the phone at a youthful age. The reason for which parents try to give their kids flip phones is just on the grounds that they accept their youngster is too youthful to even think about handling a cell phone.

Their advantage is to guarantee that their kids get to an application that ought to be checked and causing them to don’t introduce in their cell phone what is impeding to their being. Exertion to reliably screen and guide them on the utilization of this gadget and access to the gadget is foremost to the country’s construct process. Some portion of showing your youngsters how to utilize the innovation capably.

The web is brimming with such a significant number of gadgets, and we are for the most part powerless against those indecencies. Parental control is imperative to accomplishing it. Your capacity to constrain the occasions they spend on their gadget on a consistent schedule is critical. They ought to be made to realize the dander encompassing the utilization of the gadgets, so as not to place them out of the loop. It’s glaring that limiting from having or getting to complex phones. They may decide to do it somewhere else which is all the more fatal. The need to illuminate them will be vital.

Things to Consider Before Getting Your Kids a Flip Phones

Indicating awareness of other’s expectations: how mindful is the youngster you wish to purchase a phone, similar to reveal to you fundamental data oneself. Do you know when they go out? Does the individual appear at s/he will? This inquiry will help.

  • Feeling of Carelessness: Do your children will in general lose things, for example, knapsacks or schoolwork envelopes? Provided that this is true, expect they may lose a (costly!) phone, as well.
  • Should your children be in contact for security reasons?
  • Would having simple access to companions’ advantage them for social reasons?
  • Would they be able to stick to the restrains you set for quite a long time talked and applications downloaded?
  • Will they use content, photograph, and video works dependably and not to humiliate or hassle others?
Flip Phones For Kids

Top 10 Best Flip Phones For Kids – Reviews

  • Gabb Wireless Phone
  • Kids Connect KC2 4G
  • Tracfone Alcatel MyFlip 4G Prepaid Flip Phone
  • ZTE Z222 Go Phone (AT&T)
  • Kyocera Cadence S2720 (Verizon)
  • Sonim XP5 4G LTE Cell Phone
  • Blu Tank Xtreme 2.4
  • Easyfone Prime A1
  • LG 450
  • The Alcatel Go Flip

1. Gabb Wireless Phone

Gabb Wireless Phone

Gabb Wireless is a standout amongst other flip phones kids can utilize. This is a sort of phone parents will like their youngsters to utilize, particularly parents who are extremely defensive. The Gabb phone is without games, web, and messaging capacities. Be that as it may, it is conceivable to transfer photographs and recordings on it from the PC.

This phone utilizes 4G LTE which runs on the Gabb that fills in as a Wireless system. Gabb Wireless system is entirely solid and not decided or limited by existence. The phone has a decent solid quality. It is simple for children to call and content with this phone. Gabb has no program and email.


  • It has number cruncher.
  • It licenses children to utilize call forward or call blocking.

  • It has Constrained space for a phone number; only eight numbers.
  • This phone needs GPS following.

2. Kids Connect KC2 4G

KidsConnect KC2 4G Kids GPS Tracker Phone

This is a kind of phone that is secure for children to utilize. it is an incredible phone child can work and parents will at present have control of it to an enormous degree. It similarly permits parents and decides the number that ought to be on the phone that youngsters will call and it is finished by programming the phone. The phone has the ability to send content, yet certain customized numbers on the phone. This phone is held somewhere around programming and UI.


  • It is a decent phone for children to work in.
  • The phone alright for children to utilize.
  • It is actually a fundamental decision of phone.

  • It has poor interface.
  • It has no cell phone App by any means.

3. Tracfone Alcatel MyFlip 4G Prepaid Flip Phone

Tracfone Alcatel MyFlip 4G Prepaid Flip Phone

This phone is enthusiastically recommendable to the parent that looks for the advancement of their youngsters. This sort of flip phone is fundamental and it is truly moderate. It has a magnificent component in which children can work and furthermore it is decent of decision appropriate for kids. It utilizes prepaid help. Its setup is truly cool, and awesome and, it is anything but difficult to work. It needs no SIM card since it is inbuilt. The phone’s sound quality is spectacular.


  • It has web ability however Constrained.
  • It is reasonable and simple to work.
  • It has a pleasant size screen.
  • The number on the Console is anything but difficult to work.

  • It postpones it composing instant messages.
  • The phone’s minutes bundles lapse in days if not utilized.
  • This phone is extremely hard to set up.

4. ZTE Z222 Go Phone (AT&T)

ZTE Z222 Go Phone (AT&T)

The ZTE Z222 Go Phone from AT&T is a decent sort of phone a child can use without being open to hurt. This is a decent fundamental phone with an in-manufactured Sim card from the client. It tends to be utilized to call, message, and even browse email, yet it doesn’t have all the normal elements a phone can have. It is anything but difficult to dial number and send instant messages.

ZTE Z222 battery is truly tough and can remain for around two days if not charged before turning off. ZTE has a great deal of essential and helpful highlights children can adapt to. It is fine for the reason for which it was made. It brief and fine for its reason.


  • This phone is exceptionally modest.
  • This phone is convenient.
  • It great and solid for kid who need something essential.
  • content

  • It doesn’t have a decent stable.
  • The battery limit isn’t excessively solid.

5. Kyocera Cadence S2720 (Verizon)

Kyocera Cadence S2720 (Verizon)

The Kyocera Cadence S2720 phone is an essential, strong, and one of the great flip phones accessible for children’s utilization. This phone is anything but difficult to utilize. It has a Bluetooth channel that can be utilized to send and get things. It has a decent dialing speed. The phone battery is moderately low, it doesn’t keep going long and it has a decent stable quality.


  • It has great memory space.
  • It has brilliant outer presentation.
  • It has long battery limit.

  • It has poor camera.
  • There is no element of video recording.
  • It has no worldwide wandering.

6. Sonim XP5 4G LTE Cell Phone

Sonim XP5 4G LTE Cell Phone

The Sonim XP5 is an entirely tough phone for kids. It works with AT&T and T-Mobile just as prepaid plans through. This phone web source and permits children to talk and send a has a sensible measure of room that can be utilized to transfer records. The battery limit can’t last past a day, it is even less. It is one of the most fundamental flip phones accessible.


  • It is further developed than other flip phones.
  • It has long battery life range.
  • It has an enormous memory limit.

  • The phone is extremely overwhelming analyzed.
  • contThe web program is extremely hard to simple to utilize.ent
  • It is difficult to empty in-Constructed Apps from the phone.

7. Blu Tank Xtreme 2.4

Blu Tank Xtreme 2.4

The Blu Tank’s allure is its straightforwardness, this is as essential as a phone. Children can send content and it has worked on FM radio. Yet, the fact is that is the entirely reasonable and modest phone on which children can call home and their parents gets back to and content them accordingly. It has a little screen for messaging, and it could be accustomed to reviewing pictures. It has parity for battery life.


  • This phone is essentially to utilize.
  • It has light weight; it isn’t overwhelming in any way.
  • It has a decent enduring battery limit.

  • It has a frail spotlight.
  • It has a frail camera.
  • The sound is terrible.

8. Easyfone Prime A1

Easyfone Prime A1

EAsyfone Prime A1 has an enormous Console that simplicity composing and making it extremely quick. This phone has a programming button. It has a 2MP back camera. This phone amplifier is excellent and it has a decent solid quality. It has an SOS button that helps the simple utilization of the phone. It similarly has a strong microSD port, and the snappy dialing button is expeditious.


  • This sort of phone bolster calling and messaging.
  • This phone has area following framework.
  • It is truly agreeable to utilize.

  • The interface of this phone is obstinate.
  • It doesn’t have dependable video call.

9. LG 450

LG 450

LG B470 is a fundamental phone that accompanies minimal effort. It is a less complex phone. It’s intended for children to keep in contact with their parents. Also, not fundamentally due to companions. The phone can be utilized to send straightforward reactions back. All the more critically, it limits correspondence to the minimum necessities, yet still lets you see your youngster is sheltered and where they ought to be. It is an amazing and dependable phone.


  • It has a decent inclusion support.
  • It has huge battery limit.
  • It makes them guarantee new working framework.
  • It has uproarious speaker.

  • It has an extremely Slow UI.
  • The camera is extremely poor.
  • It doesn’t have wifi.

10. The Alcatel Go Flip

The Alcatel Go Flip

Alcatel Go Flip is an extraordinary flip phone with its dynamic highlights. It runs KaiOS, it has another working framework that could undoubtedly connect ages by bringing informing applications regular among children to their flip-phone adoring more seasoned family members. At the present time, however, it’s only an average voice phone.

The Go Flip is accessible for kid use and it is entirely solid. For the two transporters, it’s a piece of a push to move clients from 2G, which most voice phones despite everything use, to 4G LTE, so the bearers can resign the old 2G arranges later on. (For what it’s worth, both Sprint and T-Mobile expect to keep 2G alive for in any event two additional years.) As of this composition, it’s the main ease highlight phone those transporters sell.


  • It has a very neat design.
  • It is very compatible with many Google apps.
  • It has lonbattery life.
  • It has convenient front screen.

  • Typing on the keyboard is not encouraging at all.
  • It lacks the capacity to perform multiple task.
  • It has weak camera.
  • It has limited internal storage.


The issue concerning the utilization of phones has been a problem that needs to be addressed right from time. It has given parents worried about giving their kids access to innovation not it is on the grounds that but rather what is implanted in there is sufficient to dirty once mind. Guardians throughout the years thought about that giving their youngster a flip phone since it is accepted that flip sort of phone is more secure base on its identifiable nature which will empower the parent to the kids from the threats that cell phones can present.

There is a need to appropriately direct our child in the domain, I wish they handle cell phone that is refined realizing that at a young age their minds resemble tabular (an unfilled clear record), whatever touches such brain at a youthful age resemble to remain. There isn’t a lot of research yet on how cell phones affect mental and emotional health. But early studies show that frequent texting and emailing can disrupt kids’ concentration. It can also become compulsive if kids start being “on-call” all day to keep up with their friends. It’s up to you to teach them.