How To Find Someone’s Location By iPhone in 2020 Complete Guide 

Even though we know iOS gadgets to be highly secure, they are gradually becoming social like Android. It has become quite simple to find someone’s location by iPhone over the last few years. For instance, Apple has its native ‘Find My iPhone’ technology, allowing you to track iPhone location by phone number or even find a lost device. However, like any proprietary innovation, the feature is exclusive to iOS devices and will not work Android phones.

Tracking a phone location should be an irresistible need when you need to know the exact location of the user. But the native Apple location sharing feature has certain user restrictions. For example, you might be wondering, can someone tell if I check their location on the iPhone? The truth is that you can only track someone with iPhone built-in device finder if the person elects to share their location with you. So, you’ll probably ask, ‘what’ the alternative way to find my friends iPhone real-time coordinates without letting them know?

Thankfully, there are a handful of third-party apps you can use to bypass the above process. In this post, we will help you learn how to share location to find my iPhone tool. In addition, we’ll share a few more ways to track an iPhone if the owner doesn’t want to share a location with you. Therefore, we will be equipping you with skills to find someone’s location by iPhone or effectively spy on an iOS device.

How To Find Someone’s Location By iPhone: Everything You Should Know

Apple created to find my friend’s iPhone in 2012 to allow better connectivity with family and friends. It means there is a need for consent from both ends to share a location. But what if you want to find someone’s location by iPhone secretly? It would mean enabling ‘find my friends’ on their handset and sharing their location to your iPhone without telling them. You’ll first have to figure out, where is find my iPhone on an Apple device, before activating location sharing.

Completing this task is incredibly simple if you can access someone Apple mobile gadget. Besides, it is relatively hidden because once you turn it on, the person you are tracking will never receive any kind of alert. Even when the phone owner chooses to open Find My Friends that most users hide in a folder, it’s not so obvious to decipher you are tracking them. Instead of appearing like a stalker, the person will see you as their follower on the essential feature.

Monitoring the target’s every movement will be by the flick of a finger once you set up. Not only that, but you can also create geolocation functions. In this way, Find My Friend will send reminders when the person you are spying on leaves a particular geographical area. It is an excellent tool if you intend to be particularly intrusive, such as in a parent-child relationship.

Trying to find someone’s location by iPhone as above may not apply in all situations. A case in point is when the person owns one of Apple flagship devices that come with face recognition and fingerprint sensor for security features. Any attempt to bypass their security credentials will be futile, even if they left you their handset the whole day.

Getting a third-party spy app would be a suitable solution in the above circumstances. You will not only trace their location without their knowledge but also track every activity on their cell phone, depending on the tool. Therefore, whether you want to know where your kid goes after school or keep tabs on your spouse after-work activities, we will show you how to find someone’s location by iPhone, discreetly.

How To Find Someone's Location By iPhone

Using Find My Friends App To Find Someone’s Location By iPhone

Find My Friends app comes preinstalled on iOS 9 and later platforms. It is available as a stock app on the devices. However, if the individual you intend to monitor is running iOS 8, you will have to download an Apple friend finder from the iOS App Store on the target phone and yours. Once you complete setting up the application on both handsets, you can now proceed to iPhone’s secret location tracking.

Here Are The Steps To Secretly, Find Someone’s Location By iPhone

Step 1: Activate ‘Share My Location’ on The Person’s iPhone

To initiate the process, you must open the Find My Friends app on the target phone. After that, click on the friend contact photo at the bottom of the screen to activate ‘Share My Location’ through the phone’s settings.

You will also want to navigate to the device settings and ensure you are only sharing the location from “This Device.” In this way, you can stalk on the iPhone discretely, especially if there are other gadgets, such as an iPad, sharing the same iCloud account with the phone.

Step 2: Share The Person Location To Your Device

Swipe up from your iPhone screen bottom to permit ‘AirDrop’ via Control Center. Next, select to make your iPhone discoverable to ‘Everyone.’ However, going with the ‘Contacts Only’ option may be sufficient, you saved your contact details on their iPhone.

Go back to the target phone and select “Add” from the Find My Friends app. Wait for your contact icon to appear and tap on it. Hit on ‘Share Indefinitely,’ which will unlimitedly connect the cellphone’s location to your iPhone.

Step 3: Accept The Person’s Location Without Sharing Yours Back

Once the target device location connects to your iPhone, select ‘Accept.’ Wait shortly for a popup to appear, asking whether you want to share back your location. Hit ‘Don’t Share’ to prevent the person from tracing your location.

Step 4: Monitor The Person’s Location

The above procedure should set you up to find someone’s location by iPhone. Using the Find My Friends app, just tap on the personal contact icon to view their precise real-time location. Apart from that, you will also see options for geolocation and geo-fencing. In this way, you will get alerts when the person arrives or leaves specific locations, such as when they leave school or work premises or get into the house.

Becoming Sneaky With Find My Friends App

Note: that all of the above processes will work as long as you don’t get caught. Fortunately, most people don’t bother with their iPhone’s Find My Friends feature. When they do, they still don’t actively search for anyone with whom they share their location. Nonetheless, there are few ways to use the app to find someone’s location by iPhone without them knowing they have it.

Step 5: Hiding The Person’s Find My Friends Feature

To find someone’s location by iPhone and remain discrete, you must hide the target phone’s Find My Friends app. There are two ways to do this, including:

Hiding With The Dock

It is the easiest trick of the two options. You must ensure the first page on the target device’s home screen is full. It will automatically send the Apple app to the second page. Get into iPhone edit mode by pressing and holding on any icon. After that, drag the Find My Friends app onto any first-page app, effectively creating a folder. Remove the Find My Friends app from the folder by dropping it onto the dock, making it disappear.

Hiding With The Folder

The method is fairly complicated, although it’s almost to the first trick. The essential thing here is getting the Find My Friends app into a folder before that folder vanishing. It might take you several attempts to ace it.

Once the home screen is full, find a non-Apple application from the bottom right and place the Find My Friends app next to it. With the edit mode active, move the non-Apple app onto Find My Friends to make a folder and exit. Next, get back into the folder to move the non-Apple application back to its initial position. Now reenter the folder to drag out the Find My Friends app and position it on top of the folder before it vanishes.

The two tricks will help you remove the phone finder app from the iPhone device you are tracking. However, the Find My Phone app will reappear if the person you are spying on restarts their phone. It may not be a major concern is the person doesn’t restart very often. If it is going to be a serious bother, simply hide the friend finder app in a folder like any other unused Apple apps.

Using Third-Party Apps To Find Someone’s Location By iPhone

Using third-party applications to find someone’s location by iPhone is a common need in the 21st century. Knowing an individual’s whereabouts is perhaps the most comforting feeling and valuable technology to possess. Nothing compares to the confidence in knowing your kids are safe wherever they go.

Similarly, there are only a handful of more terrifying things than not knowing how your little one is using the cell phone. We often get plenty of questions relating to that topic, including, “How do I track my son iPhone without his knowledge?” or “How do I trace my daughter cellphone without her consent?” With the aid of a mobile phone spy app, it’s easy for you to know about anyone your child chats with, who they talk to, the kind of photos they are taking, and much more.

While we don’t want to be suspicious of our significant others, sometimes partners cheat. In such situations, you can protect yourself and your family by making sure no funny things are happening behind your back. An iOS tracking app does just that and much more. It lets you find someone’s location by iPhone through monitoring their phone movement using the built-in GPS feature.

You will be updated locations of their device every few minutes. Furthermore, you can choose to get notifications when the person goes to a particular location by setting creating geo-fencing zones. The iPhone tracking app will send an alert to your handset within seconds of their arrival.

Here are five best third party spy applications you can use to find someone’s location by iPhone:

1. Aispyer

Aispyer is among the top cell phone spy tools that pack tons of useful features. With this app, you can gain complete control over the person’s iPhone. You will not only trace the device location but also get many other features, including:

  • Browser history monitoring
  • Device location history
  • Integrated parental controls
  • Phone call tracking
  • Real-time location
  • SMS monitoring
  • Social media spying

Although you’ll get the most from its paid version, the app allows cross-platform cell phone tracking. It means you can spy on an Android phone using an iPhone and vice-versa.

2. Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security is an excellent cellphone tracker app, letting you find someone’s location by iPhone without their permission. Besides, it comes with a selection of features to help protect your loved ones, such as:

  • Access to Wi-Fi passwords
  • Anti-spyware
  • Data backup
  • iPhone’s location history
  • Mobile phone antivirus
  • Real-time location updates
  • Remote app management

It is also paid software with a limited-feature free version. Like Aispyer, Lookout Mobile Security is a multi-platform spy app.

3. Spyera

Spyera is one of the leading cell phone tracing applications you can use to find someone’s location by iPhone, without paying. The award-winning tool is available in robust functions, like:

  • Browser history monitoring
  • Built-in parental controls
  • Call history
  • Device location history
  • Email monitoring
  • Real-time location
  • SMS monitoring
  • Social media chats

Apart from location monitoring, note that most of Spyera’s premium functions come at a fee. Even so, you will get the value for your money if you are looking for a program that can do more than tracing someone’s GPS coordinates.

4. Prey

The Prey mobile spy app is the best solution for preying on nearly every activity on the target device. Aside from helping you to find someone’s location by iPhone, this software has the following functions:

  • Updated call history notifications
  • Cell phone location history
  • Multi-OS compatibility
  • Monitoring phone browser activity
  • Real-time geolocation
  • Schools’ management features
  • Smartwatch and laptop tracking
  • Spying on social networks
  • Tracking email messages
  • SMS monitoring
  • Tools for parents and employees

Even though Prey is a light application, it is effective, especially when you want to spy on multiple devices anonymously, including laptops, Androids, and iOS.

5. Familonet

Unlike other spy tools on our list, Familonet is an entirely free program that can help you find someone’s location by iPhone. Familonet is particularly useful in assisting family members in keeping tabs on each other with the following features:

  • Multiple connection accounts
  • Real-time updates on the location of the target device
  • Geo-fencing compatibility
  • Excellent support for GPS monitoring
  • It allows for different Operating Systems.

While Familonet provides a free account to connect up to five people, it will not remain anonymous on the target phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I locate my iPhone?

You can locate your iPhone by using another iPhone to open the Find My application or visiting and clicking Find iPhone. After that, find your missing iPhone from the devices list and select it to see its location on the map. You can also set it to ring or play a sound if it is nearby for someone to find easily.

How do you find someone else’s iPhone?

It’s easy to assist a friend to locate their missing device if it has the Find My feature turned on. You can do that by opening the find my app feature from your iPhone and tapping on the ‘Me’ tab. After that, choose ‘Help a Friend. Your friend should also log in to iCloud to allow your extension for help. In this way, you can activate the person’s phone to ring if its within hearing distance.

How can I find my iPhone without finding my iPhone?

Thanks to the features in the latest devices, you can now find your iPhone without using the built-in Find My iPhone app. For instance, you could utilize the voice activation tool on Siri, Google Maps history, third-party apps, and many more. The best tracking solution will depend on your situation.

Can I find a friend’s iPhone?

Yes. You can find a friend iPhone using the Find My Friends app. The tool comes preinstalled on iOS 9 to iOS 12. Users with iOS 8 versions will have to download and install the free application from the Apple App Store. The Find My Friend app can also work with or the Family Sharing feature for location sharing with friends and family.

Bottom line

There more than one way to find someone’s location by iPhone. First, you can check a person’s location with Apple Find My Device feature. The best part of this method is that you won’t have to pay for using the native app. It also comes with extra functions like geo-fencing, allowing you to receive alerts when the person you are tracing arrives in specific set zones. While you can use it to spy on someone without permission, the downside is that it may not stay anonymous long.

Therefore, it creates the need for professional monitoring solutions through third-party apps. There are plenty of pro-level spy apps specializing in monitoring and tracking tools for iOS and Android users. With these applications, you can monitor calls, WhatsApp, current GPS location, emails, Snapchat, passwords, text messages, and many more. Although many of the tools require regular payment, they also offer free versions that you can use to find someone’s location by iPhone. And unlike the native Apple friend finder app, these programs are compatible with all cell phone platforms and computer operating systems.

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