How to Verizon Find My Phone

Verizon Find my phone maintains its top spot as the best carrier for a couple of years among some significant USA carriers. They have fantastic phone plans for each month of their phones, which get rated as affordable in slow payment options, but you will have still paid more at the end of the payment. Most cellphone devices that the clients buy are Verizon, but other phones can still work in this network if they are Verizon unlocked and compatible.

Verizon phones also need to get pre-approved before use in the US, whether it’s a phone from Google, Apple, Razer, Oneplus, Samsung, or any other because most of them get sold via Amazon. Currently, Verizon provides the best 5G devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S20+, which handles its high-band network and also shares it through a dynamic spectrum. With Verizon following capabilities, you will get stressed out if it gets lost because it’s a brand worth your money.

It’s never in anyone’s intention that they lose their phone. When it happens, all you can think about is how you can recover the device because of the information it has, and you aren’t willing to lose something which you might have bought expensively. A cell phone is usually a valuable asset with confidential emails, photos, passwords, contacts, and apps, and that’s why Verizon offers you different methods to Verizon Find My Phone.

The article contains vast information that will help you get back your Verizon phone, which is lost, and you need to read on.

How To Verizon Find My Phone? – Step By Step Guide

When you lose your iPhone or Android Verizon phone, you still follow specific methods as a customer to get back your device. The following options can help you find and protect your device that’s lost or stolen.

  • Verizon Smart Locker.
  • Verizon Smart Family Premium on Verizon.
  • Third-Party Android Apps.
  • Find My iPhone.
  • Use A Smartwatch.
  • Use Verizon Digital Secure Via Android.
  • Locate Via Verizon MEID ID.
  • Verizon Phones Backed Up Photos Plus Videos.

1) Verizon Smart Locker

Verizon Smart Locker is one way that you can achieve Verizon Find My Phone that got recently launched at a price of $99.99. The tiny device can fit in any of your possessions, which you don’t want to lose, such as phones. Verizon’s new gadget has gotten designed with a combination that involves GPS, Bluetooth, WPS (Wi-Fi Positioning), and LTE coverage, which allows the mobile network to pinpoint its current location.

The Bluetooth range of the Verizon Smart Locker works even at a distant mile from your phone, unlike other devices. Verizon smartphones need to get incorporated with the Smart Locator’s Hub App to adjust to its ping location frequency, which allows geofencing and preserving of your battery. A user receives permission to have an addition of up to 10 contacts.

Key Features:

  • LTE-M technology.
  • Less bandwidth.
  • $3 each month.
  • 120 hours of usage time.
  • 3-hours pinging frequencies.
  • 12-hours a day set on sleep mode.

  • Maintains location signals in all areas that have Verizon coverage in LTE
  • Bluetooth works on international areas
  • 5-day standby time of battery life

  • It isn’t a fully equipped LTE device like smartphones
  • Signals aren’t strong in roaming territories internationally
  • The battery can drain very fast if pings get done frequently, and location tracking gets done in real-time.

2) Verizon Smart Family Premium on Verizon

Verizon Find My Phone option can also get achieved through the Verizon smart family premium program. It allows its users to utilize finding access to their lost phone or track a family member via other smartphones, tablets, or a computer which are on the Verizon network with a similar bill. Automatic updates can get requested through this app in a day. You can also find the direction to locate the phone to where it can be.

Verizon phones, which are connected by this Verizon smart family premium program, remain in connection, and it’s therefore easy to locate a family member and the phone. Communication gets then done through the registered email of the mobile phone or text messages. Directions of a location will get provided where someone is suspected to be. Hence this information also hints on the places of interest which are near.

Key Features:

  • Monthly fees of $4.99 and $9.99.
  • Location Tracking.
  • Location Check-in.
  • Pick Me Up.
  • Web and Apps.
  • Pause the Internet.
  • Manage Calls and Texts.
  • Content Filters.

  • Information on this app is secure; hence everything is simple to use while its private.
  • The target phone can easily get identified via a map or an aerial-based photo.
  • Notifications are received when a person arrives and departs from a precise location via a phone text or email. Tracking becomes much more accessible through the premium app.

  • Prepaid and business accounts can’t use this Verizon Smart Family on Verizon
  • Without a data plan, the phone will not work using the program

3) Third-Party Android Apps

There are currently many Android third-party apps that can get used to locating cell phone devices through an online GPS feature. A Verizon phone user can go to the Google Play Store and search for the tracking app or the available web browser. They get designed to play sounds for a lost phone even if the person who stole it has reduced the volume. They can also lock it or erase all your content on the smartphone if you chose to do so.

You can only engage in such an option if it’s the last resort when you haven’t found the device or are unsure of the information that might get accessed. Some of the available apps which you can find to track Android devices include Cerberus, Pre Anti-Theft, and Where My Droid.


  • You can track your phone through the sim card
  • Can monitor more than two devices at a time
  • Some can track the phone through real-time signals

  • Personal data of a person may get mined
  • Users cannot be sure of their privacy once they find their phone
  • Don’t give you alert features for most of them

4) Find My iPhone

Find my iPhone on Apple is a feature that can get used to searching for Verizon carrier iPhone devices. It helps the user track their lost phone when they login to their iCloud account through a Mac, iPod, iPad, or another iPhone to begin the location process.


  • Users can easily find and locate their phone
  • It’s free of charge and only needs internet access
  • The user can lock the phone remotely so that the other person won’t have access to it or their information
  • Allows users to erase their data if they haven’t been able to locate the device

  • Limited to only iPhone users unlike those used in Android devices
  • Only works when the Find My Device option was active on the lost device
  • If you don’t have your Apple information, then it won’t be easy to access this feature
  • Works when the phone is switched on and is accessing the internet

5) Use A Smartwatch

A smartwatch comes in handy as a tool that will help you to locate your lost Android or iPhone device. Whether you have Garmin, Apple Watch, or the Samsung Gear S3, use the same concept when finding a missing device. The only thing needed is to ping the smartwatch to your phone by pressing some buttons, depending on the gadget’s make. When it’s lost, you can start locating where the cellphone might be by making it ring, especially in a small area.


  • It has the Find your phone feature which makes it easier to track a lost device
  • Allows you to call and send or receive text messages

  • Sometimes it gives data that inaccurate
  • Battery life is short.

6) Use Verizon Digital Secure Via Android

Digital Secure via Verizon helps the clients protect their lost phone information when it’s lost. The tool identifies theft through its Identity Theft Protection (IDTP) option, which detects the change in personal details on the phone and also does web surveillance on where it gets located. You can easily use it to track down your stolen phone when you report it.


  • Identifies any theft and provides protection
  • Can also be installed on the computer where you can use it to track your phone activity

  • One has to pay a small fee to access the standard version.

7) Locate Via Verizon MEID ID

Verizon phones get equipped with a Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID), which is unique information of numbers that gets etched in the device circuit. It’s difficult for anyone to alter it. When you check on the file that accompanies the device in its packaging, you will notice a piece of 15-digit information; hence you can use it to track your lost phone.


  • Can be used by the police to trace your lost phone easily
  • Restricts a stole or lost phone to be used

  • Can get hacked

8) Verizon Phones Backed Up Photos Plus Videos

Verizon typically offers its users a free OTA backup plan, which allows them to do so through their settings and content from the camera via a Verizon phone. When you set up the Verizon store’s new phone, they will activate the features; hence, you can use sources like iCloud, Google +, or One Drive. You can easily retrieve your lost phone when a person takes a picture from your lost device then it gets uploaded. All the details get recorded on such sources about the picture take and its location.


  • Integrated on the phone
  • Easy and fast to access

  • Needs the user to have logged in for it to work

The Best Compatibility of Verizon Phones

As mentioned earlier, users need to determine if their devices are compatible with Verizon Find My available Phone options. They can visit their phone store on a specific Verizon phone that they have to check if the device is compatible such as on Google Play Store or Blackberry World.

The search for a feature will automatically display if the phone is compatible with the top section. If it’s consistent, it redirects an immediate download for you to use the feature. You can also visit the Verizon Website to check out which phones are compatible through a list given to know which category falls in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a user find their lost phone through Verizon?

You can check on your lost phone via the Verizon account that you have hence used several methods to try and access where your phone might be. When you follow the practices given, you can quickly locate the phone and get it back. You also have the option of locking it and erasing all the data if necessary.

Can a Verizon phone get tracked if it’s off?

Verizon phones can get tracked through Network Triangulation, GPS, or Wi-Fi, and if the phone gets turned off, it means that you won’t get any location response.

Can Verizon replace your lost or phone that’s stolen?

It depends on the period involved when a user had purchased their device from Verizon. You also require protection against your device to enjoy a replacement with no cost form this carrier service.

Can a person not know about getting tracked using a Verizon Smart Family Premium locator?

Smart Family locator by Verizon offers location sharing services between family members; hence the system cannot be defeated when it comes to privacy concerns of a member who gets not included in the service. The account administrator controls this feature; hence, the other person will not know if they are getting tracked if they set the option.


Sometimes luck may not be on your side; hence it’s best to settle on the last option of replacing your lost phone with another one. There is one advantage at Verizon because they have a Digital Service, which allows you to subscribe to the Total Mobile Protection service.

It offers protection to users who get their phone damaged, lost, stolen, or when the device experiences some mechanical issues after the manufacturer’s warranty expiration. The replacement can get done within 24 hours after the mentioned problems, and it allows you to also file for theft, loss, and claims of damage via the online platform.