How Does a Phone Upgrade Work for MetroPCS

Worldwide considerations that nowadays, phones have become part of people’s lives and this revolutionized era has contributed to various ways that entertainment, banking, and communication takes place. However, not all phones provide satisfaction to the user, and they get not considered to be on a level where they are as per what the user needs, and it’s why MetroPCS stepped in to offer upgrades to such phones.

Almost all US service carriers provide how does a phone upgrade work for MetroPCS, but MetroPCS stands out more with what they offer. Some of the services offered are free from the government providers, while others get to charge a minimal fee for it. In the end, a client will still get the services they need on their new cell phone.

MetroPCS mainly focuses on the program that determines a person’s qualification on how compatible their phone is so that it can get shipped to their specific home address. The upgrading process of a customer phone is Straight forward, but it gets handled with ultra care. Compatible Phones from MetroPCS are of outstanding quality, and also they are affordable.

They range from flagship to mid-range decides, which also works with plans that allow hotspot activities from MetroPCS. All the information that you need is discussed below in the following article about MetroPCS. It also displays how easy it is to apply for an upgrade without asking about any documentation or answering any questions to successfully achieve the process.

Which Are Compatible With MetroPCS Phone Upgrade work

GSM has grown to be the best connectivity technology currently used around the world by many customers. When you want to use your phone, this network technology will contribute to determining how your phone can get upgraded. Let’s say you’re using CDMA; it will be difficult for you to get the upgrade you desire for your phone.

Some of the companies that allow their phone to get MetroPCS upgrade work are listed below:

  • Samsung: Samsung is one of the best Electronics companies that provides mid-range and flagship options for its smartphones to the launch.
  • Motorola: Motorola has been an outstanding company that offers free phones that are quite compatible with MetroPCS switch, unlike other various companies.
  • Apple: Apple has been at the forefront of launching its upgradeable iPhone series phones that offer a unique ecosystem that’s incorporated within them.
  • ZTE: Despite not having the largest share of clients in the market as a manufacturer, ZTE offers excellent phones that are of high quality and provide the best performance.

Does MetroPCS Offer Activation Plus Free Phones to Clients?

If you’re interested in a free phone that uses a prepaid carrier, then MetroPCS is the ideal option for you. They offer free phones plus the addition of exciting deals in calls, texts, and data. Almost 99% of clients seem interested in MetroPCS, mainly because they have provided free activation for phone users who, in the end, also get a reliable network.

Signing Up, Activating, and Getting a Phone Upgrade Work From MetroPCS

Anyone who wants to join MetroPCS can easily do so when they understand what’s involved. It’s vital for a client always to remember to ask any questions before letting MetroPCS upgrade their phone. When you’re already an active subscriber, you can determine your eligibility before upgrade the phone work on MetroPCS. For a new member,

Here are three steps that can get followed which will allow you to become a member of MetroPCS;

  1. New clients can visit MetroPCS Stores near them: They are widespread around the country. Their location is easy to find, and a future customer can call one of the representatives for help.
  2. Calling the MetroPCS Customer care Support: a subscriber can get further assistance through customer care. They can ask more questions to get all the information they need about upgrading their phone via MetroPCS.
  3. Visit the Metropcs Website: the company has a website accessible to any person interested in MetroPCS. You can sign in if you’re already an active member, and for information about the carrier address, you can use a slightly different web address. The process on the website is very straightforward, and you can get to success.

An automatic upgrade may be done within every three months if you have all the information that you require from MetroPCS, and you can also get activated your phone on any plan that you might have interest in it.

Selection of The MetroPCS Upgrades Mobile Plan

Metro by T-Mobile MVNO offers cell phone plans that involve the no-contract option just like any other. However, for MetroPCS, it’s affordable in its prepaid plans. The carrier involved in T-Mobile gets divided into two so that it can provide a smooth upgrade option. The customers can choose according to their preferred needs.

1. Individual Plans – Metro By T-Mobile

The following plan can be considered the most convenient when a person wants to have phone plans affordable in providing everything unlimited. The customer also gets plans that involve no-contract or any fees or charges that get hidden.


  • Unlimited talk/text.
  • 3G Hotspot tether option.
  • Voicemail.
  • 2GB data.
  • Caller ID.
  • Wi-Fi calling (supported phones).

1.1. Data Options (Standard-$40 per month)

Data options categorically separate the three available plans in MetroPCS, and they include;

  • 2GB High-Speed data:
  1. Speeds throttling at 1GB reach
  2. MetroPCS Individual Plan ($40 each month)
  • 6GB High-Speed data:
  1. Speeds throttling at 6GB reach
  2. MetroPCS Individual Plan ($50 each month)
  • 35GB High-Speed data:
  1. 10GB of hotspot 4G data allotment
  2. Speeds throttling at 30GB reach

1.2. Data Options (Premium-$60 per month).


  • Unlimited data ( 4G LTE)
  • Lacks speed throttling ( however, some of the customers might experience slow speeds during a period of congestion)

2. Family Plan – Metro By T-Mobile

The Family Plan by MetroPCS can solve your situation of upgrading a phone for existing customers. The costs from the previous client will get added to the smartphone’s values for an upgrade. However, another line to an already 4G LTE plan that’s unlimited might qualify $50 to get refunded on the cell phone. An addition of lines is allowed for the registered subscribers who already have individual plans. Customers looking to make an upgrade on their phone can use the earlier mentioned option, which helps them become active for the next ninety days.

They will also get to update their plans to unlimited possibilities that cost $60. Discount services get to be given by MetroPCS to those clients who spend more than $79. Family plan options are very suitable for those customers who have between 2-5 lines. Data distribution isn’t even through the five lines, and it requires separate payment for any of the additional strings that are available.

Needed Qualification for MetroPCS Phone Upgrade Via BYOP

Several options are offered by MetroPCS when it comes to getting an upgrade to their network. An own program alternative also gets provided to the carrier, which involves purchasing devices from retail or online stores. Some of the other options that need to get considered when having the BYOP MetroPCS program in place include;

  • The client must bring a cell phone that’s unlocked.
  • The phone in question should have GSM technology compatibility.

The following requirements will ensure that your phone will work efficiently on the MetroPCS platform without any issues arising. The BYOP program only gets to work with specific GSM phones and not all of them. A smartphone is therefore needed to ensure that the upgrade gets qualified. Also, the MetroPCS upgrades are eligible for the clients who are already existing subscribers.

It, therefore, means that the phone should be unlocked, belong to an active subscriber, and needs to be compatible with GSM. An upgrade made on a smartphone can get done in a couple of hours in a day. It varies according to every consumer who has a range of points of purchase. Buying the upgrades of MetroPCS online would offer much convenience because the shipping gets expedited to one day, and the webpages of the carrier provide easy activation.

You can also go to the store if you prefer handling documentation of papers to complete the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can a person upgrade their MetroPCS phone?

If you are an active subscriber, you can simply log in to the official site and click on the upgrade button, which will give you an option of choosing the type of handset that you own, and you will add it to your cart. You will also need to select your preferred plan, which you will add to the cart, and it’s preferable to choose a plan of 2 years.

Do existing customers from MetroPCS enjoy any deals?

Savings are one of the goodies that existing customers of MetroPCS get. Bot new and current clients who make purchases of unlimited everything for $100 can get four lines with the same offer.

Do clients get free upgrades from Metro?

The upgrades given by MetroPCS aren’t free. Clients who buy phones from this company and sign up to purchase unlimited plans allow them to gain an automatic upgrade to their promotional 90 days activation of the phone in an update.

Can MetroPCS be able to pay off my current phone?

MetroPCS allows its clients to get a new phone and pay it off through a service contract of about $650 on every line or get fees for termination for around $350 via the trade-in or prepaid card that’s virtual.

Can clients only pay half their MetroPCS bill?

MetroPCS allows its customers a grace period of 20 days to pay for their bills according to the personal arrangement program of payments they made. The tabs can get split too when in the same situation.

How long can a MetroPCS phone upgrade take?

The phone upgrade on MetroPCS only takes fewer hours in a day. However, it will depend on the store or online platform that you purchased the smartphone. When a client buys their phone online, it would be much faster, and it would only take a day to ship and activate the phone for an upgrade via the involved website. A whole day can get made for the people who prefer the documentation of papers.

Can clients be able to change their due dates on MetroPCS?

When you change a plan as a client, the payment cycle will remain the same and affect the beginning of the coming month. The changes can get made via your account online, at the store, or through customer care service.

What will happen to a client when they don’t get to pay for their bills of MetroPCS?

Services get temporarily suspended for the clients who don’t pay for their plans on their due dates. They take effect after a few days pass on a new month when the payments become late.

How can a client pay for someone else’s bill on MetroPCS?

It’s possible to pay for another person’s bill, but the client may need to have information about the other party’s account. Navigation gets done on the webpage by clicking on the bill-paying option then the number of the phone gets keyed in so that it activates the payment mode.


Many people dream of getting to use a simple service provider in terms of verification and have plans that can be considered very affordable. MetroPCS has taken over to offer strategies and phones that allow families with low income to use carriers that are more convenient and can get used for a long time. Replacements are also done in an affordable range of price while it gets to offer phone insurance whenever there is damage that cannot be paid for because it’s too expensive. MetroPCS is one of the best options that can provide the best when you want to upgrade.