Best Phone Tracker App for Free

Cell phones are becoming a more and more crucial part nowadays. Various estimates show that losing a cell phone is just like getting a mini heart attack for a second. Cell phones contain various crucial privacy information which is important for any people. Leaking of that private information can affect the person in many ways. So cell phones must be handled with proper care. Even after proper care and management they are likely to get lost at certain times and leaves the owner vulnerable in this situation.

In case you have lost your cell phone don’t groan upon it. Instead of it, you need to take certain measures that can help you find your cell phone from the hands of the Intruder. One way of doing the same is to file a report in the police station about the same. But it may take a lot of time and you cannot let your private information to be handed out with the hands of an Intruder for such a long time.

Technology has a way to find your cell phone with the help of the best phone tracker app free. You can easily download the same from your app store and can easily access it. Also, there are various inbuilt features that are available in cell phones which helps them tracking when they get lost. Maybe not all the features of all the cell phones are dedicated to proper surveillance but with the help of the best phone tracker app free, you can easily make the surveillance quite robust and help your way out.

Top 15 Best Phone Tracker App Free – You Can Choose

  • Famiguard App
  • WhereMyDroid App
  • FindMyDevice App
  • Sygic App
  • RoyalGPSTracker App
  • Glympse App
  • TrackView App
  • Tracki App
  • Mobistealth App
  • Life360 App
  • Safe365 App
  • iSharing App
  • GPSRouteFinder App
  • A-GPS-Tracker App
  • GPSLogger App

1. Famiguard App

This is the application that can effectively help you to track out your mobile phone without any hassle. The application functions well with the phone GPS locations and also come up with various advanced features. It requires some sort of jailbreaking specifically in iPhones. If you need some advanced tracking features in the same application. The same also applies to Android platforms.


  • Easy to use
  • Maintain cybersecurity
  • Various advanced features
  • Mark geofencing zones
  • Keep an eye on cyberbullying and other crimes

  • Some problems may persist while updating the system
  • Not much operational for iOS devices
  • Lack of Parental Control features

2. WhereMyDroid App

This is one of the most famous applications which can efficiently have to find out any stolen device. When this application is deployed it makes the device ring. The mobile phone can also send GPS coordinates with assisting a link from the google map. No one can deny stating it as one of the best phone tracker app free available in 2024. It can also remotely lock the device with no battery drain system. And if you are much concerned about the unauthorized changes in your application there is also a password protection system for the same.


  • Ringing alerts
  • No battery drain system
  • No unauthorized changes in applications
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Can perform various activities in the Lost application

  • Lack of tutorials
  • Lack of much updates
  • Fails to provide much real-time security

3. FindMyDevice App

As the name suggests it is the application that can efficiently let you know where you have lost your device and even the time. From performing a factory setting to efficiently safeguarding your personal data in your application this tracking device is a complete bundle of various efficient features. You can even locate your phone by just linking it with the help of ‘find my device’ application.


  • safeguard the personal data
  • Can easily lock the device from remotest
  • Get better insights about the network and battery
  • Various indoors maps

  • Smartphone battery draining
  • Some features may lead to exposure of some privacy

4. Sygic App

Sygic is actually a GPS mobile app tracking application. It is one of the best GPS mobile number tracking application in android mobile phones. It has an advanced navigation system and has about more than 50 million downloads overall. Offline usability is also present in the same application.


  • Advanced navigating system
  • Assistance in offline mode
  • Safety warning regularly
  • More advanced features
  • Eay to use

  • No satellite view
  • Some places are hard to discover due to lack of tags

5. RoyalGPSTracker App

With the help of the application, anyone can monitor and manage and track mobile applications in even the remotest areas. The application mostly focuses on GPS/ GSM and other products which are based on IoT. Apart from just being a tracker mobile applications, it is also an essential feature for various other vehicles.


  • Easy monitoring and tracking of mobile applications
  • Access in a remote area
  • Easy to use in vehicles
  • Focuses on GPS/GSM

  • No

6. Glympse App

With the help of GPS tracking, Glympse also gives a real-time location tracker application. For better safety and security in every platform, the application also allows the creation of various in-app groups. Without even installing the Glympse app the user can easily access the map of the Lost Phone after the location is shared along with the application. It also provides a courtesy noticed with the help of ETA.


  • Real-time location tracker application
  • Social gatherings support
  • Dynamic maps access
  • GPS for tracking
  • Provides courtesy notice

  • Lack of efficient battery drain system
  • Not much robust user interface

7. TrackView App

TrackView is a reliable surveillance app. It just does not track lost devices but also helps in various other conditions. This tracking application is also quite efficient to keep and always provide other sensitive installations. It can send instant alerts even in remotest areas.


  • Reliable surveillance
  • Instant alerts
  • Assistance in times of emergency
  • Sound alerts and message sending
  • Sound detection system

  • Only works with Google
  • Privacy concerns

8. Tracki App

Tracker GPS is the phone tracking device which can even help in finding the mobile phones in any of the location around the world across International borders. This mobile application is available on both mobile devices or computers. Tracki GPS is based on GPS / GSM with the help of the same it completes the tracking procedure and sends the alerts. For enhancing security there is a need to register yourself.


  • Instant alerts
  • Available in both mobile and computes
  • Map view and satellite view
  • Navigation across international borders

  • No status tracking
  • No real-time tracking availability
  • Lack of territory management

9. Mobistealth App

To access the cell phone data remotely it is a must to assist Mobistealth. You just need to sign in to your account. In case your cell phone is stolen with the assistance of the internet connectivity in your device it can efficiently track your lost phone. From providing messages, photos, videos, and browsing other histories it provides efficient methods to monitor the activity of your mobile application.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Efficient tracking
  • Browse past history
  • Recording calls
  • Enhances cybersecurity

  • Need to root or jailbreak the target
  • Bit complex system

10. Life360 App

Apart from just regular tracking your lost mobile phones this application also has other benefits. You can easily create a private circle with your family and close friends and can share your location and other text messages among them. Any of the members who are present in the circle can access the Lost Phone and can easily track the real-time location of the phone. All the people present in the circle easily get notified when the mobile phone gets through any of the accidents.


  • Easy group chatting
  • Emergency alerts
  • Text messages services
  • Notifications
  • Real-time location access

  • Complicated features
  • Less compatible for new users

11. Safe365 App

This is the mobile application along with a GPS tracking system and also helps family members and other friends to stay connected. Any of the family members can track the location of the other members present in the circle. Anyone can do location sharing, route sharing, and can easily send battery warning.


  • Efficient tracking system
  • Emergency signals
  • Easy to use interface
  • Completely free
  • Easy location sharing and route sharing

  • Limited features for free use
  • More vulnerable to privacy expose

12. iSharing App

This application is similar to other applications in terms of tracking. With the help of the applications, you can easily track the location of the other members if they have allowed you access. Creating various groups and communicating among the same are some of the salient features of this. If you are searching for the best phone tracker app free then you can easily access it for real-time location of the group members.


  • East tracking
  • Access to history
  • Real-time location
  • Location access for other members

  • Problems with accurate location finding
  • Not much accuracy on showing the exact time

13. GPSRouteFinder App

As the name suggests this application is specifically for finding routes but anyone can also use it for the purpose of finding and tracking lost mobile phones and devices. You can freely navigate through the complete Google map and get to know about all directions and the traffic updates. or instant and current location tracking it help quite efficiently with assisting GPS route finder. In case of any emergency, you can easily use the driving route finder available on the same platform.


  • Freely navigation
  • Easily linking with members
  • GPS route finder
  • Emergency support

  • Much assistance of Google map
  • Requires lots of access

14. A-GPS-Tracker App

This application is specifically made for hikers and other adventure enthusiasts to track their activity. It can efficiently work even if your phone goes to standby. Especially in the case of hiking various hikers lost the route of their home so with the help of this application they can easily get to find the same. The other use of the application is to track the phone.


  • Statistical design
  • Work in various circumstances
  • East to use
  • Efficient route finding

  • Limited scope
  • Specifically for outdoor hikers

15. GPSLogger App

Anyone can easily pick up from the name itself that this application is sufficient for tracking the mobile application with the help of the GPS system. You can easily track and share the travel routes with other members using this application. You can easily save battery power for a very long time. It is generally used for specifying the two basic parameters which are time and distance at some regular intervals.


  • Easy tracking with GPS
  • Sharing travel routes
  • Specify time and distance
  • Instant notifications

  • Requires some other services, not much effective on individual use
  • Not effective updates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Phone Track Applications Require Subscription Fees?

Not all phone-track applications require subscription fees for use. There are various applications some of them are also stated above which you can assist with free tools to track your mobile phone. In some applications, they are unlimited features that are available to free use but after the same, you have to pay. On the other hand, there are lots of applications that are available which can provide completely free access.

How Do Phone Tracking Applications Track Your Mobile Phone?

There are numerous ways in which they can track the mobile phone. Most of the applications use GPS systems for tracking the application. There are various mobile tracking application which uses the mobile number of the user for tracking the application. They provide dynamic maps on assisting Google maps mostly.

Are These Best Phone Tracker App Free Really Effective in Finding Your Lost Mobile?

They are quite effective and this is the reason why all the applications have millions of downloads in app stores. What you need also to take the concern that you are opting for some best phone tracker applications to find your lost mobile phone. After just taking certain steps you can easily get to find your lost phones.

While using Mobile Phone Tracking Applications is There any Threat to your Privacy?

Mobile phone tracking applications are to protect your privacy not to expose your privacy in other platforms. They are completely secure and you can check the same from their privacy settings available in the application itself.

How to Send Emergency Alert Signals in Mobile Phone Tracking Applications?

Various applications have their different way of sending emergency signals. In most of the applications, a button called emergency or panic button is present at the landing page itself. You just need to press the emergency button and can easily send emergency alerts to different persons link to your application.


There are various phone tracking applications that are available in various stores. You can easily take the assistance of any of the applications. While using any of the applications please take into consideration your privacy settings. There are some subscription plans with the sum of the applications to access their advanced features. You can easily access the subscription advanced features by paying the fee for accessing them for free. You can easily use this sum of the applications stated above. If you have lost your phone don’t get panic just use these best phone tracker app free and surely you will get your mobile phone back.