What Network Does Straight Talk Use

When it comes to the most trustworthy and affordable mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), Straight Talk is unequivocally listed as a top-notched service provider. Its versatility and potentiality are well established now that all four major cell networks rely upon it. Undeniably, in the field of telecommunication services; straight talk seems the efficient service provider, irreplaceable and reliable. Despite being one of the best network providers.

It surprisingly comes at a very cut-price. Low-cost charges make it a popular choice among a sizable population. Since 1966, it has grown tremendously and is a popular brand for providing national wide cellular services. More so, there is something more to rejoice about Straight Talk. Time and Again Straight Talk ensures it keeps abreast of the latest requirements of its customers, to increase the overall productivity of its numerous users.

Human societies tend to evolve by adapting to many different changes to makes things easier and fast. Likewise, the Straight Talk network is dedicated to bringing in some nuanced changes to enhance the sustainability of its services and maintain an enduring relationship with its customers. This latest software would enable cell phones to make better voice calls over an amazing 4 G OR 5G network connections. Straight Talk is a major network provider, but despite its growing network, it does not own any cell towers or antennas of its own. Surprised! Yes, that is the novelty of Straight Talk.

It is in a contract with these major network carriers on profit sharing. It caters to thousands of customers in the United States. The rationale behind this collaboration between major network companies and Straight talks is to avoid spending on building structure for its business networks. Therefore, customers can avail themselves of better network services at a very affordable price.

What Network Does Straight Talk Use For Best Network

1) Straight Talk Towers Update

The customer has to ensure that the APN settings should be set right. Failing to do so, the device would not connect to the required network service. Customers often complain that their networks are quite weak, it happens so largely because they fail to update their PRL list. PRL list should also be updated to avoid weak signals or poor network connectivity. For the CDMA, the network relies on Verizon or Sprint CDMA 1xRTT networks, while the GSM side makes use of either T-Mobile or AT&T GSM networks.

Interestingly, the parent companies of Straight talk and Tracfone Wireless, and Walmart does provide the necessary support for Straight talk to render service and outlets for selling cell phone plans. The nature of troubleshooting network connectivity is complex by its very nature, it does occur worldwide, but proper phone settings and internet services could come handy to resolve such technical glitches in a jiffy.


  • Offers a great number of plans
  • One can use several online resources that Straight talk offers
  • One can find online lookup services to find the exact location of a tower
  • Gives a broad range of towers to connect with

  • Lack of updates for customers to update their operating systems
  • Customers struggle to get the tower to connect quickly
  • Different phone models connect to different network towers making it more nagging for some customers

Cheapest Straight Talk Plan

The latest plans for Straight Talk:

  • Unlimited Plan with 3GB ($34/month) Unlimited Nationwide with Plan with 3GB.
  • Straight Talk Ultimate Unlimited Data Plan $50/month.

For light data users, who mainly use their cells for calling and texting, would consider this plan sufficient, it comes with a modest 3g pack and provides unlimited messaging and calling minutes. Other plans include Unlimited Data with the first 25GB at 4G LTE speeds, then 2G speeds, It is a 45$ plan for 25 Gb.

Then, there is an international calling plan with the best deal. $60 FOR 25 GB International Talk AND Tex. All in all, there is a wide range of plans for Straight Talk that does make the best deal for any category of customers, affordable and quality network


  • Some of the most affordable plans you can imagine
  • Wide range of categories to select data pack from maximum to unlimited
  • Auto refill options
  • Two-line plans for a cheap price

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List of Straight Talk Phones Use the Verizon Towers

There are around more than 50+ Phones that use Verizon towers.

Top 10 are listed here:

  1. The Straight Talk Samsung S5 Black Use Verizon Unlimited.
  2. TracFone Stylo LTE Prepaid Smartphone Use Verizon Towers.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S6 Straight Talk Phone Use Verizon Towers.
  4. Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S5 “White” Use Verizon Tower.
  5. Samsung Galaxy CORE PRIME Straight Talk Smartphone Use Verizon.
  6. TracFone LG Rebel 4 LTE Prepaid Smartphone.
  7. CUBOT King Kong IP 68 Waterproof Rugged Smartphone
  8. Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
  9. Samsung Galaxy S4 White Straight Talk
  10. Straight talk Samsung Galaxy

  • Many have a pre-installed sim card
  • Quick activation
  • Less expensive
  • Simple unlocking code
  • Repair or replacement options for the initial 90 days

  • Cell phone tethers to one of the major networks and not connects to all of them
  • Frequent Troubleshooting
  • Servers being down makes poor phone connectivity

What Towers Does Cricket Use?

Unlike other network providers, Cricket majorly uses AT&T towers. In 2015, the company was purchased by AT&T. This agreement resulted in the sharing of towers between cricket, AT&T and resulted in the overall enhancement of the Cricket LTE band. Within a few years, Cricket grew tremendously and now covers almost the whole of the United States of America, with the only exception of not covering some remote areas.


  • Provide a resilient network
  • Reduced drop calls and efficient internet connectivity
  • The simple application process to buy a device
  • Congenial customer service

  • For Lower plans, the speed is relatively slow
  • Fixed phone device, less choice to select other variants

What Phones Work With Straight Talk $30 Plan?

Not all prepaid plans give you extra like a $30 plan. However, this plan works with Straight talks phone alone. There is a range of phones one can choose to avail of the plan including Nokia E71 and 6790. It gives you more choice, more freedom. This super exciting plan offers you, 500 Minutes of Unlimited Texts and 100MB LTE. That is the best plan you can ever think of at his nominal price.


  • Quite affordable
  • More freedom
  • No roaming charges
  • Nationwide applicability
  • Not charged for anything that customers don’t avail

  • Refill options quite tricky
  • Poor customer service annoying to get any feedback

Straight Talk Store Locations Near Me

Straight Talk store locator arranges a list of stores in neighborhoods, cities, states, and countries. It does help us to locate Straight talk stores near us to find a fast and convenient solution to our queries and another service. It is a wide database to help a huge spectrum of customers to assure a quality network service.


  • Helps to locate nearby stores
  • The easiest way to find help
  • Huge database
  • Nationwide stores

  • Not too many exciting offers
  • Little promotion of plans and more focus on SIM cards

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is straight talk on the Verizon network?

Straight Talk relies on the services of different network carriers. It does use the service of different towers that include Verizon for better network services and enduring customer relationships. Because of its amazing download speed and upload averages, Verizon is slowly gaining more popularity and expanding its network as well.

Who owns straight talk?

Straight Talk was set up in 1966 to provide cellular services nationwide. Its parent company is TracFone wireless with over 25 million subscribers.

Which is better tracfone or straight talk?

Both offer affordable plans. Depends on what you are looking for. For large plan selections one might choose TracFone, but for unlimited data plans and easy accessibility one must go for Straight Talk.

What carrier is my straight talk phone using?

In recent times, Straight talk operates more on the Verizon Network Service. While Verizon in itself is a separate network carrier, availing of the services of Straight talk does not imply you have subscribed to the separate services of Verizon


Straight Talk is constantly evolving to cater to the needs of its valuable customers. It is not static but rather in constant flux wherein it collaborates with many different network carriers to bring the best services to its customers. Knowing the customer stratification is the primary goal, Straight Talk has come up with recent advancements in its network collaborations and has tied up with VoLte network service in particular. Such tie-ups are timely interventions to further standardize the overall services of the company.

Earlier, network partners of Straight talk had extended the deadline for several customers to update their cell phones so that they are compatible with the latest services network provides come up with. But, now, with this agreement customers in possession of incompatible cell phones can easily, update, or buy phones at affordable prices, benefit immensely from this collaboration.