What Banks Offer Free Checking Accounts

For efficient withdrawal and deposits, you definitely need banks that offer free checking accounts nowadays. But you get extremely terrified when they ask you for some nominal fees for the transaction process and other subsequent processes. You can easily access the checking accounts with the help of cheque or ATM machines available.

In the present time, various electronic ways are also quite popular among people for making the complete transaction process efficiently. While depositing your money in the bank the number of fees that you need to pay monthly or at some other regular intervals can easily hinder your overall savings rates. Many customers don’t like the same and there is the ultimate solution for them.

If you are finding it extremely difficult to find the best banks that offer an account that is providing you free checking accounts then this list will ultimately help you to find the best option for you. There are various banks available in which you don’t need to pay any extra money for depositing or withdrawing your money in the bank.

Some institutions also offer fees for monthly maintenance to make you quite sure that you are keeping your account open in their respective banks. Certain banks and other institutions often charge some fees for the same. The fees can go up to $20 or even above the same as per the bank you are opting for. Finding the possible banks that offer accounts that provides free checking accounts is quite possible and you need to change your scope of finding them.

There are various online banks that are completely free without any maintenance or other subsequent fees. There are also various restrictions along with quite efficient features that can easily be accessed by the customers. Throughout the United States, there are tons of institutions and you need to keep a close look at them. Here are some of the best banks that offer free checking accounts to customers.

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Top 8 Banks Offer Free Checking Accounts to the Customers

1. Capital One Bank

Capital one is also quite a popular Banks institution that provides free checking accounts offer. The 360 checking account provided by Capital one has various benefits apart from being a free checking account. There is also an annual percentage yield of about just 0.10%. You don’t need to pay any minimum balance for the same. Unlike other bank services they do not charge any monthly maintenance fee, it means that you can easily save a large amount of your deposit without going through such monthly or annual fee structures.

You can also get the feature of the first free checkbook and overdraft forgiveness while you have the 360 checking bank account in capital one. Apart from some of the fees mentioned above, there is no minimum fee that you need to pay while having a bank account 360 checking. You can easily access the ATM of capital one with zero cost.


  • No minimum
  • Free ATM use
  • Presence of various overdraft options
  • 0.10 % of annual percentage yield
  • Low-interest rates

  • The opt-in overdraft fees can be steep
  • The bank must not have the highest rates
  • Getting money out from the bank may cause some problems

2. Discover Bank

The cashback debit account of the Discover Bank offers various features apart from just being a free checking account. There are various standard amenities for having a free checking account in Discover Bank. You don’t need to pay any monthly service fee to the bank while having the cashback debit free checking account.

For debit card purchases you can also get the reward of about 1% cashback system which is a unique feature in the same. For debit card replacement any of the customers can also get the efficient features of free delivery. The same is also true for official bank checks. Also, there is no need to pay the bank any fee for the incoming wire at regular intervals.


  • No need to pay any monthly service fee to the bank
  • Withdrawal from about 60,000 ATM
  • Free cashier’s check
  • Reward programs
  • Free standard checks

  • Only one percent cash back on debit card purchases
  • There are not any physical brands such that you can speak to the agents directly
  • Lack of sufficient ways to deposit the cash directly

3. FNBO (First National Bank of Omaha)

FNBO also provides free checking accounts for online checking. There are various salient features that are exclusively available with the online checking accounts of FNBO. The special services include standard online services for mobile checking and online transactions. Like other free checking accounts, there is no need to pay any monthly service fee for the same.

Anyone can get a 0.65% rate of annual percentage yield. To open an account on the online checking account of FNBO the minimum fee is around $1. With PopMoney there is also an efficient feature for a free person to person money transfer. The users can also get paid on the fee for incoming wire transfer and stop payments. The annual percentage yield is provided disregarding how much balance you have in your account right now.


  • No need to pay any monthly service fee
  • The annual percentage yield of about 0.65%
  • With pop money free person to person payments
  • A fee of about $1 to open the account
  • No minimum balance

  • Did not have the highest checking rate every time
  • Like of any physical location

4. Axos Bank

The bank of internet USA has about free checking account options available for the users. You can easily take the assistance of any of the free checking accounts from the three options available.

  1. First Checking: This free checking option is for the age group 13 to 17 years. The efficient features of the same are that the users can get the annual percentage yield of about 0.25% along with no monthly services or nonsufficient funds.
  2. Essential Checking: Like the first option, it also does not charge any monthly service fee to the users. Also, anyone can get the free cheque deposit features from the same. The option for unlimited fee reimbursement for the automated teller machines is available domestically.
  3. Golden Checking: This option is available for the users of the age group 55 or above. The annual payment yield is about 0.20%. There is no need to pay any monthly service fee to the bank while having a golden checking account. The ATM fee reimbursement fees are about a dollar 8 per month. Taking into comparison with the first option the credentials in this option are quite low.

  • Different free checking accounts for different categories
  • No monthly service fee
  • Different annual payment yield for different categories
  • No hassle

  • Limited to online platforms
  • No physical branch for face to face talk

5. State Farm Bank

State Farm Bank also provides two different times of rechecking accounts for the customers. Both of them are quite beneficial as per the requirement.

  1. Interest Checking Account: While opening the account in the bank you don’t need to pay any minimum opening deposit. With direct deposit, there is also the efficiency of the free waving of about $10. The annual percentage yield provided in the interest checking account is about 0.25%. Like other free checking accounts available there is no fee for incoming domestic wires.
  2. Standard Checking Account: As the first option, there are various similarities that are available for standard checking free accounts in state form banks. There is no requirement for paying any fee for the incoming domestic wire. Furthermore, there is not any charge for monthly services for minimum balance. At the time of the opening deposit, there is also a fee waving efficiency.

  • Fee waving system
  • Two different free checking account system as per requirements
  • No incoming domestic wire transfer fee
  • No fees for minimum opening deposit and monthly services

  • they only pay interest for those accounts having a daily balance more than this specific limit of 2500 dollars
  • Low checking rates

6. Fast Internet Bank

The bank is completely an online bank which further makes the transaction and deposit process quite efficient just from your mobile phone. The free checking account offers various services including online and mobile banking services. There is no need to pay fees for monthly maintenance or other minimum balances. There is also a fee waiver system for both incoming ACH transfer and incoming wire transfer. For some of the basic deposit and withdrawal, you can easily take advantage of the ATM available.


  • No incoming fees for ACH transfer and wire transfer
  • No minimum balance
  • Fee waving system for monthly maintenance
  • Complete internet transaction processes

  • No physical branches
  • Lack of direct support

7. Key Bank

Keybank also comes up with a hassle-free account which is actually a free chatting account option. Like some of the other free Bank checking account options, there is no need to pay any monthly service fee on minimum balance for the same. Due to the fee waving system including overdraft fees and insufficient funds, there is hardly any fee left. No need for any monthly transaction while you are using the hassle-free account of the keep bank. On the official features list, Key Bank also lists down the monthly service fee.

The bank does not charge any monthly service fee but if you are closing the bank account in the first 180 days after opening if you need to pay the early closure fee which is around $25.


  • No minimum balance
  • Not requirement for any monthly transactions
  • No monthly service fee
  • No overdraft fee

  • Early closure fees
  • Low chatting rates
  • Lack of any physical branches for face to face conversations

8. USAA Bank

The classing checking account of the USSA bank also offers various features over their free checking account. There is also so the efficiency of no monthly service free. There is a fee of about $25 for opening new accounts in the bank. Like some of the other free checking account features, there is no minimum balance fee for opening the classic checking account. The user can easily access about 60,000 ATMs which is preferred by the bank.

It also provides an annual percentage yield of about 0.01% for the accounts having a daily balance of about $1000 or more than that. Most of the services classic checking account offers are just typical features of any other free checking accounts. But certain features including free overdraft protection are some unique ones and anyone can get the benefits of the same.


  • No monthly service fee
  • No minimum balance
  • Overdraft protection without any cost
  • Easy access to about 60,000 ATM machines

  • Required affiliation of us military
  • Physical branches are present but have very limited access

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it efficient to rely on free checking accounts?

You can totally believe and rely upon the free checking account provided in the bank. But it is a must check all the terms and conditions because there are certain terms and conditions which can lead to further disputes. It is a must if you sort it out before opening the bank account.

If I owe some money from the bank, can I be able to open a free bank account?

There is not any specific rule which states that any person who owes some money from the bank cannot open any accounts on the same bank. But it could be a bit difficult to clear all the credit reports of the bank since various banks try to avoid risky customers.

Do some banks also charge early closure fees for free checking accounts?

Some banks really do the same. One of the examples is Key Banks. In this bank, you need to pay money of about $25 for closing the bank account before 180 days. It would be good if you go through all the terms and conditions of the free banking accounts so that the chances of any future disputes can be reduced.

What is the limitation of having a free checking account in an online bank?

With the growing automated world, the online banks are coming in the view quite fastly. But there is a limitation that in most of the banks there is no physical place in which you can reach out to the agents are the manager to clear out your queries. When some support over the telephone and the internet is there but this face to face experience is absent.

Why some banks offer free checking? Is it legit?

Various banks offer free checking accounts to attract various customers. These accounts generally pay no interest and customers get attracted to them quite efficiently. One thing that needs to take in mind is that the checking process is free but a large amount of profit is made by the bank it is totally legit to rely on them.


Well, there are various banks that offer free checking accounts. While opening anyone you need to consider the benefits they are providing over their accounts. The salient features of all the accounts are already mentioned above you can take assistance from the same. One thing you need to always keep in mind is going to the terms and conditions thoroughly.

At various times certain banks provide fees waving facilities for some operations but there are certain conditions behind the same. If you are just tired of paying fees for every operation again and again such banks can easily help you a lot to save your deposits.