Trace Mobile Number Current Location Online – Best Methods

A lot of things are happening nowadays that require us to increase the level of our security awareness. Almost everybody that has attained the age of been referred to as an adult has one, two, or three mobile numbers. These numbers are the means through which people reach themselves.

Due to business and other factors, our mobile number is always out there in the public domain which makes it a big security threat. Every mobile number has a way it can be trace mobile number current location online whether online or offline with the use of modern technologies that are available these days.

Knowing how to track a phone to a current location is important these days. These methods are no difficulties. It just requires the person using the number to be literate to be able to carry out these tasks. There are a lot of reasons why you should know how to trace your phone to its current location. These days a lot of people disguise through the use of unknown numbers to call a person.

Some might be fraudsters, and some might just be trying to hide their identity for reasons that are known to them. The fact is, you do not have to worry about an unknown number these days, as there are a lot of mobile applications and internet websites that can help you unravel the identity and location of the person using an unknown number to call you.

Theft is another reason why you might need to trace your mobile number. Your mobile number might get stolen or mistakenly misplaced by you, another person might pick it up, and start using your mobile number to perpetrate fraud and other ill societal values.

If you are not careful, you might end up in a police cell for crimes that were committed by someone else just because he had access to your mobile number. There are mobile applications and internet websites that have been developed by developers to be able to track mobile numbers immediately it is stolen or misplaced.

Trace Mobile Number Current Location Online – Best 10 Ways

Just like I have highlighted earlier in this article, tracking mobile number current location can be done using many methods. I will reel out some mobile applications you can download on your phone that can help you trace mobile number current location online. If your phone is an android phone, then these applications are the best. The first one is

Trace Mobile Number Current Location Online

1. Mobile Number Locator

This application is specifically designed for android users. You can download it for free if you are an android phone user. The location of your mobile number can be extracted through Google map.


  • All code numbers of countries around the world can be found on the application.
  • The location of the number you are tracing is displayed on Google Maps for a clear view.

  • Internet connection not needed
  • Ability to view call logs

  • It works in the USA, India, Canada, and Pakistan
  • The ported number cannot be traced

The next application for tracing a mobile number on android is

2. Mobile Number Tracker

This application is another application that is available to android users to trace a mobile phone number. It can be downloaded for free on Play store.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • The application supports the state service provider.

  • No charge is required
  • Tracing is done in two steps

  • It can only trace India numbers
  • Internet connection is needed

Another application that is available for tracing a mobile number for android users, is the

3. Caller ID and Number Locator

This is another application that is available to android users. The application can trace and display the name and location of a caller.


  • Traceable in up to 13000 cities.
  • The caller’s name is displayed.

  • Name and the location of the caller is displayed
  • Allows unwanted number to be blocked

  • Supports only android versions that are above 4.0
  • Sometimes, it does not give the exact location

Another application that can be used to trace a phone number location, is the,

4. True caller Phone Tracer

The True caller is another application that is available to android users in order to trace the location of a mobile number. Research and data show that the True caller application is the most used among the android applications for tracing a mobile number.


  • The image of the caller is displayed.
  • Ability to block unwanted numbers.

  • It is used by up to 250 million people
  • It notifies the user when traced

  • Internet connection is needed
  • The application requires registration

Another application that has been developed for android users, in order to track the location of their mobile number, is the;

5. Trace Mobile Number

Just as the name implies, the Trace Mobile Number application is an effective application for tracing the location of a mobile number online.


  • The database is updated frequently.
  • Location can be gotten offline.

  • Internet connection is not needed
  • It is very easy to use

  • Application has limited services
  • A lot of displayed advertisement

These are some of the applications available to android users. There are a lot of applications available to IOS users also. These applications allow IOS users to trace the location of their mobile number successfully.
The first one is the;

6. Number Locator

The Number Locator application which was developed by Elegant Recursion Incorporation is an effective application for tracking the location of a mobile number.


  • Updates automatically through the auto-update button.
  • Produces the same result online and offline.

  • Internet connection not needed
  • It works effectively on all IOS devices

  • You have to pay $0.99 for extra features
  • Requires internet connection to use the online feature

The next is the;

7. Mobile Number Tracker Pro

This is also an effective application that has been developed for IOS users. It can trace mobile number location online very accurately.


  • The user is notified when the traced number is found.
  • Ability to customize the user interface.

  • Allows calls and text to be sent
  • Effective tracing mechanism

  • Internet connection is required
  • Sometimes, the exact location is not shown

The next application is the:

8. TrueCaller Phone Number Tracker

A true caller is another app that can trace the location of a mobile number.


  • Auto spam is updated automatically.
  • Identifies bugs and are fixed easily.

  • Image of the caller is displayed
  • Call history can be removed

  • Supports only IOS 8 versions and above
  • Internet connection is needed

The next is the;

9. Mobile Number Tracker Location

This application allows the user to view the live location of the mobile number.


  • The tracking result IS good.
  • The target number will not be notified of any tracing.

  • It has a very large database
  • It supports 3D Google map for location tracking

  • It requires some amount of expertise
  • Some say it does not give an accurate result

The next application is the;

10. Mobile Number Tracker

This application is an advanced version of the Mobile Number Tracker.


  • The service is free.
  • It has a wide range of services.

  • offers fast services
  • The database is automatically updated

  • Internet connection is requires
  • It also requires some form of expertise

Trace Mobile Number Exact Location on Map

You can trace the exact location of a mobile number online on a map. To make use of this feature, you have to look for a website or application that offers this service. Once you open the website, you will be required to type the number you want to find its location in a textbox.

After that, you will be required to click on the ‘Track Number’ button. All the information about the present location of the number will be displayed on a map. The exact location of the number will be shown in a circling row on the map.


  • Display a great amount of information.
  • Provide good results if it is in range.

  • It is easy to use
  • It is also free

  • The exact location might not be gotten
  • The range it covers is not too wide

Trace Mobile Number Location Through Satellite

A mobile number can be traced to the use of satellites. At first, the feature was only available for military hierarchy, but it has been opened to the public. Every smartphone comes with a GPS module installed on it. It is the GPS that is used to trace the location of a number. Four satellites are required in order to track a mobile number location accurately.

The satellite will trace the exact location of the mobile number online and the speed at which the person is moving. There are numerous applications that offer this service. To trace a mobile number location, choose one out of the numerous applications, and install. Once you install, you will be asked to register. After installing, you will be asked to configure the device. Once you complete all the setup, the location of the mobile number can now be trace online successfully.


  • It traces location and movement.
  • It covers a wide range.

  • Ability to successfully retrieve the number
  • It provides an accurate result

  • It is cumbersome
  • It is not free

Whose Mobile Number is This

You can just check your phone and find an unknown number. The question you will be asking yourself, is, whose number is this. You can have a co-worker or an ex or a friend who just decides to hide his identity, just to play on your intelligence.

The good thing is, there are ways to find such numbers. The applications we have listed above for both android and IOS can help you locate and unravel such numbers.

Live Mobile Location Tracker Online

The live mobile application tracker is an application that can help you trace your mobile number online. It allows the user to track the location’s current and present location of the mobile number. It has three main features, which are Current location, Address Finder, and Mobile Tracker.

The current location feature will unravel the longitude and latitude, current city and state of the mobile number with all details on the map view. The address finder unravels the address of phone location while Mobile Tracker unravels the location of caller calls, mobile contacts, mobile numbers, and any phone number.


  • Location is gotten through your phone.
  • Three combined features for easy tracking.

  • Better productivity
  • Reduced unauthorized use

  • It works on GPS only
  • Internet connection is needed

Mobile Tracker Free Online

There are a lot of applications online that allows you to track the location of your phone for free. Despite the fact that they offer free services, they are very effective.

Some of them include, Google Maps, FamiSafe Location Tracking, GeoTracker, Find My Device, Glympse, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone, Family Locator, and a whole lot of another mobile tracker free online applications that are available.

Phone Tracker Google

You can also make use of Google Find My Device to track and locate your phone. The application is compatible with almost every mobile phone. It is available for download on the play store.

The application has received a lot of commendations from users, while some have said there is a need for improvement. The fact is, the positive recommendations have so far overshadowed the negative recommendations.


  • Allows you to track a lost or stolen phone.
  • Allows you to erase the data on a stolen phone.

  • You can ring your phone
  • You can delete your personal data

  • Stunted by being around tall buildings
  • Accurate as your GPS location settings

Google Cell Phone Tracker Online Free

There is a Google online cell phone tracker for free that allows you to trace the location of your mobile number. Google Earth is a program that comes from the house of Google Incorporation for Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, and Linux services. You can use Google Earth to trace the location of your mobile number by following these steps.

Open the browser and type ‘’ and tap enter. Enter the Google Email ID and password of the device that you want to track on Google Maps. The next step is to enter your mobile number. Once you enter your mobile number, you will receive a text message with a Uniform Resource Locator. The next thing is to tap on the Uniform Resource Locator and open it on your mobile web browser.

You might be a charge depending on your cellular network provider. After that, allow Google to access your location. Tap on ‘Yes’ when the dialog box pops up. Once you complete all these steps, you will be able to find the location of your cell phone.


  • Available on a lot of devices.
  • 3D capabilities.

  • Up to date maps and data
  • It is free and easy to use

  • Internet connection is needed
  • Low resolution in some cities and countries

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Trace Current Location of Phone Number?

There are a lot of ways to trace the current location of a mobile number. You can make use of Mobile Locator, True caller, Mobile Number Tracker, Mobile Number Tracker Pro, and a whole lot of other applications and websites I have mentioned in this article.

How Do I Track A Live Location?

You can make use of the many available applications to carry out this task. Some of the recommended applications are, Live Mobile Location and GPS Coordinates, My Family Locator, Find My Friends, Connected Family Locator, Zoemob Family, and a whole lot of applications that have been designed to track a live location.

How Can I Track A Phone Number?

IMEI and GPS call trackers can be used to track a phone number. Also, there are numerous applications like GPS Phone and Locate Any Phone are very good tools you can use to track a phone number.

Can You Track A Phone Number On Google Map?

The answer is NO. You cannot track or find a phone using only the phone number on Google Maps.

How Can I Find A Phone Number For Free Online?

You can do that by using any of the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and others to locate a phone number online for free.


In conclusion, tracing your mobile number is not as difficult as a lot of people think it is. It is a thing you can do yourself without stress. You just need to be literate to be able to trace your mobile number location online. A lot of the applications also require an internet connection to be able to track your mobile number.

So when you want to trace your mobile number, make sure you have a very good internet connection that would not jeopardize your search. Use of satellite and maps have also proven very effective in tracing mobile number.

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