List Of The 10 Best Pool Cleaner Vacuum

Since the last couple of years, the average percentage of requests for a pool cleaner vacuum has been in an overrated condition. With the increase of labor payments and the favor for lesser human energization, the demand for pool cleaners has increased by 2021 furthermore. Let us have a proper, exact idea of a pool clear vacuum before looking into the review. A pool clear vacuum is invented to ease people’s collection of debris and waste from swimming pools.

They allow the debris and the waste to be sediment and collect them. This is the ideal model for cleaning large or medium-sized pools. It is more advantageous to know the significance and the consequences of having the pool clear vacuum. A tremendous demand has been created because of its convenience mainly, as they are very effective in the filtering process and thoroughly ensure to grant your water a higher sanitary value, keeping the water free of algae and debris and eliminating the chemicals which may affect your health.

You can get rid of hiring a specialist for your regular maintenance in addition to that, it will contribute to saving your time. When entering a proper analysis of the various types of automatic pool cleaners, 03 to 04 varieties are mainly found. They are the Electric robotic cleaner, Suction side cleaner, and pressure-side cleaner. Electric Robotic vacuum cleaners are having the highest demand out of all vacuum cleaners, because of their lower maintenance cost and easy installation.

With the increase of security concerns, people started to look with a positive perspective towards these as they reduce the probability of human-involved accidents. Suction side cleaner filters water by pumping out, returning the cleaned water via outlet valves after the suction of debris. Pressure side pool cleaners are used in commercial applications because of the capability to clean larger proximity in lesser time.

List Of The 10 Best Pool Cleaner Vacuum [Reviews]

1. Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner

Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner

Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner, Blue/Gray/Black Automatic Weir Valve, 90 Twist Lock Elbow, 7*1.2m Twist Lock Hose Lengths, Cyclonic Suction, Flow Regulator Valve, Optimized Flow Control, Hose Float, Hose Protector, Warranty Card. It is a manual ultra-efficient suction side pool cleaner that can do a more powerful cleaning job compared to the other cleaning machines of its class.

The turbulent nature is brought out by the Flex power Turbine even at the low flows. But the machine ensures to clean smoothly, by controlling the rate of flow to improve longevity. The suction does its maximum job and powerful wall climbing. It enables a tight attachment for the cleaner head to enrich the security. An important feature is to Zodiac MX6 to make sure to clean climb walls and stairs in addition to your pool surface. Its Robotic Pool Cleaner reviews are at an excellent rate.


  • Powerful scrubbing action throughout the pool
  • Smooth and comprehensive cleaning
  • Improved longevity

  • Hose leaking can be occur
  • Action may get slow due to a blockage in the system
  • Possession of only one-directional gear

2. Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

Item Weight-18.16 pounds, 36-Fin Disc, Premium efficiency, one-moving-part-technology, Long-Life-Diaphragm, Wheel Deflector, Pool Type-In-Ground, 1.5” Vacuum Line, 39 ft. feed hose. It is a Suction Side cleaner offered by the G series, which utilizes the patented Quick Release Cassette. Grant a 90 days Warranty. Specified for pool surfaces such as Tile, Fiberglass, and Vinyl, etc.

A high-quality cleaning performance in all ground pools, even on uneven surfaces. Tight corners are aimed by the Wheel Deflector. Avoid issues due to binding to lights, fittings, etc by the design of 36-Fin Disc. A simple routine would work for the maintenance due to the easy access supplied to the diaphragm by The patented Quick-Release Cassette.


  • Ensure continuous cleaning, durable
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Automatic regulation of the water flow

  • Large particles may get stuck and blockage may occur in the diaphragm
  • Has a possibility to get stuck on a raised anti-vortex main drain.
  • Frequent cleaning of the pump’s strainer basket may be required.

3. Pentair K60430 Kreepy Krauly Kruiser Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner

Pentair K60430 Kreepy Krauly Kruiser Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner

Blue/Gray, Extra-wide mouth capture, 39.36 ft of hoses, 12 one-meter hoses, Highly rated, Possess bumpers around the edges to keep it from getting stuck. Available with the Skimmer diverter with a Side port connector. The flow can be readjusted according to your preference. It will assure you to pick up anything regardless of the type of particle. Superior seal design provides a continued performance without getting affected by the tight corners and eyeball fittings.


  • Very durable with long-lasting parts
  • Picks up good size debris
  • Easy to unjam stuck debris

  • Very large debris will not be picked up
  • Some adjusting would be required to run correctly

4. Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Great White In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Great White In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Grey/Black, Item Weight- 18.8 pounds, Unique bristle drive, oscillating vortex design, specially designed for flat, dish-incline, hopper-bottom pools, etc. Uninterrupted cleaning performance is supplied by Smart Trac Programmed Steering. Automated Ground-In pool cleaner. Highly rated security-wise because the Vacuum port door fitting possesses a spring-loaded cover for safety. It has the strength to pick up the toughest dirt and the forceful vacuum action removes the large debris.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable maintenance
  • Capable of removing the large debris and chemicals

  • Issues related to ladders and sidewalls

5. Hayward W3 RC9742 CUBY SharkVac XL Robotic Pool Vacuum

Hayward W3 RC9742 CUBY SharkVac XL Robotic Pool Vacuum

Gray/Black, Automatic Pool Cleaner, Style- Standard W/ Caddy, Dimensions of the vacuum machine- 22.6*15.7*27.9 inches, Item Weight- 52.9 pounds, robust, low profile design, no hoses required. These high-quality robotic vacuum cleaners do the intended job of cleaning to the supreme level. SharkVac and SharkVac XL, collectively have enabled it to do so.

SharkVac cleans coves and the floor of the pool while SharkVac XL delivers an abrasive cleaning of the floor, within a very short time. Here if you purchase a bigger XL, your job will be done faster. If you don’t have the problem of shedding leaves, this is a favorable option.


  • Save both money and time by reducing filter backwash frequency
  • Simple installation
  • Precise cleaning pattern to scour the pool entirely

  • A bit costly
  • The heavy unit, some sort of strength has to be given when utilizing
  • Unlikely to clean the pool walls

6. Aquabot Elite Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Elite Robotic Pool Cleaner

White/Blue, Robotic type, Dimensions of the product- 20.75*20.5*18.5 inches, Item Weight-39.5 pounds, Warranty period- 03 yrs. Superpowered robotic machines, which avoid unwanted Cable Tangles with the 360 Degree Anti-Tangle Swivel. Dual filtration is allowed. Created especially for Gunite, concrete, pebble pools. A thorough clean is supplied to remove algae and biofilms.

Provide a consistent hands-off clean. Cleans floor, waterline wall, and tiles. Created upon the basis of art and technology, which provides the reason for this incredible functioning. Another reason for the successful results is that Elite has been developed by experimenting with many pool owners worldwide.


  • Efficient, reliable performance compared to other vacuum cleaners
  • Fixed scrubbing brushes do their best to remove stubborn dirt
  • Debris basket will pick up a large amount of debris, microfilter clean
  • Though it is a bit costly it would be a great investment

  • Expensive product

7. Elite PVA Inground Pool Cleaner

Elite PVA Inground Pool Cleaner

Aquabot production, Blue/White, Warranty period-03 yrs, Dual filtration Cartridges, Product dimensions-20.5*20*17.5 inches, Item weight-31.9 pounds. Evenly distribute the chemicals and circulate the water flow efficiently within a very short period. Has a systematic cleaning path. More suitable for cleaning in vinyl, fiberglass, and tiles. This is also innovated and introduced by Aquabot engineers through careful analysis and experiments.


  • Affordable price
  • Durable

  • Sidewalls and cracks may get ignored

8. Baracuda- Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner

Baracuda- Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner

Product dimensions- 1*1*1 inch, Item weight – 1 pound, Manufactured- Zodiac Distributions, WArranty period – 01 yr, Pool type-In-ground, Hose type- Advanced twist Lock, Availability of Double Cyclonic suction, Flex-Power turbine present, 36 feet feed hose included. It is a high-powered, supreme level vacuum cleaner, because of the double cyclonic suction, the cleaning path has widened and debris consumption has increased.

A sealed gearbox prevents the pollution of debris. maX-Drive Navigation provides Advanced dual Navigation. Mostly suited for solar,2-speed, and other pumps. Energy-efficient design allows ultra-efficient operation even on very low water flows.


  • Large scale consumption of debris and biofilms
  • the superior design of the equipment leads to an efficient cleaning
  • Durable

  • Expensive
  • Can get stuck due to any blockage

9. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Blue/Gray, 50-foot cable Product dimensions- 16*10*16 inches, Item weight-19 pounds, Cleaning frequency- weekly schedule, cleaning time- 02 hours, Availability of Anti-tangle Cable, Powerful Suction Motor available. An extraordinary pool cleaner vacuum with supreme capabilities. The floor and the walls of the pool are precisely cleaned with the Nautilus CC Plus. No additional equipment to be used. Possession of rubberized wheels and tractor pieces will pick and capture corners. The cable is very strong, and no need for hoses.

But some minor disadvantages and challenges are there as sometimes it will be challenging to reach the curved walls and the corners. Also when the Caddy is not delivered, you need to buy it separately. But when compared to others this is a better choice as it is automatic and robotic.


  • Smart and effective
  • Powerful cleaning
  • Cleaning is done within a very short period

  • Waterline is not scrubbed enough

10. Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner

Product dimensions- 17*14.5*10 inches, Item weight- 16.5 pounds, Super grip dual scrubbing brushes available, capable of climbing 90-degree pool walls, ultrafine filter bag present, White/Blue, 50 ft cable present. It is an outstanding pool cleaner, which is a highly rated and widely used one out of the best pool cleaners vacuum. Removes debris, algae, silt, sand, pollen, leaves, and much more stubborn dirt.

It is created for the use of scrum-residential in-ground pools. The pool lower wall and the contaminants in the corners are thoroughly removed. Continuous 04-hour cleaning session.


  • Reliable and holds a quality condition when concerning the security measures
  • Filtration is to the fullest
  • Durable

  • Construction is a bit hard
  • Costly motor replacement

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is The Best Pool Cleaner on The Market?

When analyzing the overall review, Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Pool Cleaner is the best.

What is The Best Creepy Crawly Pool Cleaner?

All Kreepy crawly pool cleaners are in a standard condition, but when comparing the slight drawbacks of all, Pentair 360042 Kreepy crawly suction side Inground Universal Pool Cleaner is the best.

What is The Best Pressure Pool Cleaner?

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Pool Cleaner is the top picked one.

How Long Does Polaris Pool Cleaners Last?

It lasts for 05 years with the proper utilization


The above mentioned Pool Cleaners vacuum are trusted by over 2-3 million people for years. The experience of pool owners will give eyewitnesses for their incredible cleaning capacity and efficiency. Besides the Suction side pool cleaners, Pressure side pool cleaners, and Manual pool cleaners The Robotic pool cleaners hold an autonomous, outstanding function because most of the Robot pool cleaners use brushes to reach the corners and cracks. Some have obstacle detectors which make them more voluntary.

We should appreciate the testing and experimenting of engineers for innovating such creations to ease the tasks of humans by saving the labor strength. Before buying a product, it is very beneficial to go through a review of it. When analyzing the above advantages and drawbacks, it is significant that Robotic pool cleaners do an exceptional service. Therefore buying a Robotic cleaner vacuum will most likely be an investment.