How To Use A Prepaid Visa Card Online

The use of cards has become the norm for this Century. Banks issue it to their customers. Bank users use cards to perform transactions. The card comes with numerous brands. We have a Visa card, Verve Card, and MasterCard. These cards are either Credit card or Debit card or Prepaid card. This book focuses on a prepaid Visa card and how you can use a prepaid card for various transactions online.

About Visa Card

Among the cards used by Bank users or cardholders, the Visa card is the world’s leading electronic card. Visa card presently has up to one billion cards. Visa cards are cards issued with the authorization of Visa Company.

A Visa is a company that is owned by at least 20,000 member banks that have licensed to make and issue Visa card in the name of Visa company with their own names. Examples of these banks are Wells Fargo Visa, Bank of America, Access Bank, and so on.

It is to note here that the Visa company itself doesn’t give out cards. Those cards being seen are all issued by each member bank. Visa card varies of which we have Visa debit card, Visa credit card, Visa gift card, and Visa Prepaid card online.

1. Visa Debit Card

The Visa debit card provides its user access to his or her bank account. It is used to withdraw, purchase, transfer, check account balance as well as make Quick Teller at a branch or through any ATM. In order to make use of this card, the user must use his or her PIN (Personal Identification Number) which is a 4-digit number.

The Visa debit card will have user or cardholder’s name at the front and 16-digit number including a 3-digit security number at the back.


  • Easy to use.
  • Help users to withdraw without going inside the bank.
  • Authorized security.

  • A limited number of withdrawals.
  • Can’t withdraw beyond savings.

2. Visa Credit Card

This card is given to those who are creditworthy, that is, those who are able to borrow. These users will have to repay in due time. This card provides its user security while using the card at any ATM.

In this card, the cardholder’s account and the name are typed on the front of the card. It also has a validation code which consists of 3-digit number. This code gives additional security to the user’s account.


  • Easy to use.
  • Loan card.
  • Additional security.

  • Limited via creditworthiness.

3. Visa Gift Card

Visa Gift card can be everywhere. Though some are limited to a specific retailer. It has on it a 16-digit account number imprinted on the front. One thing about this card is that once the card has been used, it can’t be reloaded. This card comes with an additional security PIN and this is at the best.


  • Universal.
  • Easy to use.
  • Additional security.

  • Can’t be reloaded once used.
  • Limited to a specific retailer.

4. Visa Prepaid Card

Neither deposit card account nor credit card account is associated to your Card. One thing about this card is that some specific amount of money has been loaded on it and this money serves as a credit limit to the use of the card by cardholder.

What this means is that the cardholder can’t spend beyond what is loaded on the card. This card had a printed 16-digit printed Number on the front.


  • Can be used everywhere.
  • Carrying cash.
  • Used to purchase things.

  • Lack of regulatory constraints.
  • Reload money to the card.
  • Charging maintenance fee.

The Visa Prepaid Card has numerous sub-cards and these cards have specific users. Such cards are Visa Travel Money, Visa Employee Benefits, Visa General Purpose, Visa Gift, Visa Incentives and Visa Salary/Payroll.

5. Visa Travel Money

This is a form of Visa Prepaid Card which cardholder uses when he or she wants to travel to any part of the world. This form of card is more secure and more practical than when the cardholder paid with cash. In this card, you can call Visa Travel Money Customer care service whenever you are in need an assistance.

This card can be issued at ATM only. When you use this card, you also benefit from an exchange rate. This card is being protected by a secret PIN.

6. Visa Employee Benefits

This is a form of Visa Prepaid card which is used to distribute benefits such as funds to employees. With this card, the employer is able to distribute meal and food benefits to their employees.

Also with this card, the employer benefits from an efficient way in which he or she is able to transfer those benefits to his or her employees in a convenient way.

7. Visa General Purpose

With this card, cardholder can make purchases and recharge card. Cardholder adds and reloads funds to this card and use it anytime they want to purchase things. Cardholder can use this card to make purchase on the internet and though telephone merchants.

8. Visa Gift

There is no place this card can’t be accepted. A cardholder can use this Visa card everything, even ATMs. This card is created to make ideal gifts. This card allows the recipient to make a choice at item he or she wants.

9. Visa Incentives.

This is a Visa prepaid card that allows companies to distribute inventives to their employees, vendors or customers. This card is loaded by companies in possession of it.

10. Visa Salary or Payroll.

This is a Visa prepaid card that employers use to pay their employees their salary. The use of this card is safe and convenient. In this Visa prepaid cash, each employee has his or her own card and employees then use this card to withdraw the cash.

How to Get or Buy Visa Prepaid Card.

There are different places you can get this card. You can buy this card at retail locations such as drug stores or grocery stores. Can also get this card online as well as over your phone. You can also get it from the bank, but not all banks issue this card. Watch out for banks that issue it. You can as well get it from Credit unions.

If you get Visa Prepaid card online, you will be issued a virtual card, you can get your physical card later through your mail or address. When you buy the card, you will have to pay the exact amount you want to load inside the card together with the cost of the card.

How to Register Your Visa Prepaid Card.

After purchasing the card from one of the following places listed above, the next thing to do is to register your card for effective use. There are some cards that require you to register while purchasing while some after purchasing it.

In registering your card, the below are needed:

  1. Your full name.
  2. Your street address (this address requires no P.O box).
  3. Your’s Email address.
  4. Your date of birth.
  5. Your phone number.
  6. National Identity Number if you are a non-US citizen, if you are a US citizen, you will be required Taxpayer Identification number.

How to Use Your Visa Prepaid Card Online?

How To Use A Prepaid Visa Card Online

The first thing to note while trying to use your card online is that before you can use your card online, you must register your card under your own name and your billing address. This is because many websites ask for this information. You will also need the number you used at hand because most online websites do send OTP (One Time Password) to the number you used to register for security purposes.

When you get to the payment processing in the website you want to use your Visa Prepaid Card, you will have to fill in the fields accurately. What you will be asked to fill are your card number, card expiration date, your 3-digit number CVV which is on the back of your card and your PIN.


  • Easy to use.
  • Purchase protection.
  • Fast service.

  • Prone to fraudulent.
  • Not all safer.

Why is Your Visa Prepaid Card Not Working When you Try Using it Online?

During your purchase online, your card might fail to work. This problem comes as a result of the following reasons.

  1. When you fail to activate your Visa Prepaid Card.
  2. When you have insufficient funds in your Visa Prepaid Card.
  3. When you input the wrong detail(s) in any of the fields required.
  4. When your registered number is not with you, because OTP will be sent to the number to confirm your identity.
  5. When you input the wrong OTP.
  6. If you are using US Visa Prepaid Card, you can’t use it elsewhere except in the United States. If you use it elsewhere, it can’t work.

How Your Card is Protected.

Do not be afraid. Your Visa Prepaid card is promoted by your financial institution. Whenever you use your card to purchase things online, there are protective measure in place to prevent fraud. Some of this measure are:

  • Zero Liability Policy: This protects you from unnecessary charges when your card gets lost or stolen.
  • Fraud Monitoring: Your financial institution will definitely monitor your account and notify you if there is fraud activity.
  • The 3-Digit Security Number: This is on the back of your Visa Prepaid card. This card protects you from fraud.

Actions you Should Take if There is a Problem.

If you are experiencing some problems in the use of your card, necessary actions should be taken in order to avoid being affected negatively.

  • On Fraudulent activity: If you notice any fraudulent activity on your card, quickly inform your financial institution for proper action.
  • On stolen or lost card: If your card is stolen or lost, contact your financial institution to block the card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I check my Visa Prepaid card?

Answer: There are different ways to check your account balance. You can contact customer service through an automatic phone system. You can as well talk with a live agent of the Customer service. You can use a mobile App. You can as well check your balance at the ATMs.

Q: How do I add money into my Visa Prepaid card?

Answer: To add money to your Visa Prepaid card, there are several ways. You can arrange for a paycheck and pay directly into the card. You might as well transfer money from your bank account to your Visa Prepaid card or from another prepaid card.

Q: How long should I wait before using my card online after when I purchased it?

Answer: What I will just say is this – it depends on where you purchase the card from. If you purchase your Visa Prepaid card from a retail shop or store or from a bank or credit union, your card starts immediately. You can start using your Visa prepaid card immediately. But if you purchase online or over the phone, you will have to wait until you get the physical card.

Q: Which area can I use my Visa Prepaid card?

Answer: You can use your Visa Prepaid card anywhere but not all. You can use your Visa Prepaid Card at a retail location or online. What you should just know is that Visa Prepaid card can only be used where we have Visa brand. You can also use it at any ATM service.

Q: How can I contact the one who provides my card?

Answer: You can contact your card provider by following the web address attached to your Visa Prepaid card or by calling the number (800 number) that is at the back.


In recent years, users have been demanding a quick and safe means to spend and save their money which will not allow them to enter the bank but rather use some quick places to make transactions. If a user is exploring through the internet and he comes across something he wishes to buy, does he need to go to the bank, withdraw his money, transfer it to the place to purchase it?.

This prone to a problem. Then a card is issued where users will be able to make purchase things online by filling in their bank details. Of which we have a Visa Prepaid card.