10 Best Cheap Refurbished Phones

Most people regard cheap refurbished phones electronics as the utilized items. But in the actual situation, they are basically the rebuilt ones or the repaired ones maybe because the original buyer has returned it as it has found defective or the buyer has changed his mind within the cooling-off period to buy another variety. Therefore not all the cheap refurbished phones have used items, they can be brand new too. Prior to releasing these types to sale, they are subjected to comprehensive testing and diagnostic processes to ensure longevity.

In the testing process, the sellers make sure to check battery capacity, quality of the camera, condition of audio and video, the responsiveness of the screen, and the accessibility of the network. Therefore quite a valid verification is given for the new buyers or for second-hand buyers. So it is doubtless that this is an incredible option for you all to get the brand new experience of a smartphone while maintaining your savings because the cheap refurbished phones are sold with discounts.

This is the best alternative for the people who are unlikely to spend much to buy a new phone, at the same time perturbing having the latest phone. Especially when comparing the price variation of I phones, mostly the difference between the refurbished and the brand new phones are insignificant. So this would be an excellent chance to improve your quality of life.

When making a choice when choosing a cheap refurbished phone, doing a thorough analysis of some features will lead you to buy a reliable phone. Keep in mind to look for the warranty period and the age of the phone. Purchasing it from the original company or from a reputable phone mart would be worthwhile security-wise. So these are the highly-rated places for you all to get quality cheap refurbished phones.

They are Amazon, Amazon Warehouse, Gazelle, Best Buy, Samsung, Verizon, Sprint, etc. Furthermore, looking into the review you will be guided to choose the best brand for purchasing quality yet economical cheap refurbished phones.

The 10 Best Cheap Refurbished Phones – Reviews

1) Apple iPhone 7 (Cheap Refurbished Phones)

Apple iPhone 7

Black – For AT and T/128GB/ T- Mobile/ Product Dimensions- 5.44*2.64*0.28 inches, Item weight- 1 pound, Price- $199.97-$279.97/ 80% battery capacity, 90 day warranty period, least cosmetic damage, Manufactured date- 2017.02.03 Assure to supply an immense iPhone experience with advanced camera features, enticing stereo speakers, display with water resistance, and a guarantee of 90-day money payback.

Ensure to supply a greater performance through strict inspection of the phone. The available network type is GSM, so compatible only with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Metro. The phones are thoroughly cleaned and precisely repaired and rebuilt. All the given accessories will be 100% compatible. A certified charger will be supplied. Includes brand new OEM A/C Adapter and Data Cable.


  • Affordable price
  • Upgraded condition
  • Contribution to conserve the environment

  • Internal errors can be present
  • Physical damages may present under very close observation

2) Samsung Galaxy S9 (Cheap Refurbished Phones)

Samsung Galaxy S9

Midnight Black – For AT&T/ T-Mobile, 64GB, GSM, Product Dimensions- 0.3*2.9*6.3 inches, Item weight- 8 ounces, Camera features- Rear, Dual Aperture lens,12MP Super AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen, 1440*2960 pixels with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, Face recognition scanning, 90 days Amazon renewed guarantee, Price- Manufactured date- 2018.04.13

World wide interesting device because of the smart view comprising a lot of advanced features. The new Refurbished version has even more demand because of the cheap price, which is incredibly worth buying. Intimidating photography effects will save your memories in a colorful way.


  • A significant saving
  • Warranty of 12 months
  • Advanced technological experience with HD Dual camera

  • Original packaging will not be given
  • Scratches may present in the outer cover

3) Samsung Galaxy S8 (Cheap Refurbished Phones)

Samsung Galaxy S8

Meteor Gray, Active 64GB, SM-G892A, AT&T, Product dimensions- 7.32*4.72*0.71 inches, 7.2 ounces, Scanner resolution- 1440*2960, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 5.8” Super AMOLED HD touch screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, 4000 mah battery, Camera- 12MP LED flash Camera, Hearing AID -M4/T3, Manufactured date- 2018.08.30

Almost no difference, the quality is maintained while rebuilding, by the Samsung engineers, the same ones who build the brand new devices. New parts are used to replace the damages. The repaired phones have undergone at least 400 tests to make sure the quality is more than 95%. Customers are given the fullest freedom to choose any payment method and the installments.


  • 90 Day warranty
  • Experiencing a branded new phone for a cheaper price
  • Environmental friendly

  • Physical defects may present
  • short warranty period

4) Apple iPhone X (Cheap Refurbished Phones)

Apple iPhone X

Space Gray, Fully unlocked, 64GB, Product dimensions- 5.6*2.79*0.3 inches, Item weight- 0.3 ounces, Compatible carrier- AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US-Cellular, Cricket, Metro, etc, the charger is included, battery capacity – over 80%, Manufactured date: 2017.09.03.

Inspected by professionals and released after passing a number of tests successfully. SIM and headphones may not be distributed but the charging cable is fully certified and compatible with the device. You will get the ultimate super experience going with the trend, without being financially disturbed. This is a dream for the majority.


  • Given with a considerably high discount
  • Had gone through detailed inspections, so quality is high
  • Upgrading is simple

  • Very hardly receive an insurance
  • Warranty is short

5) Apple iPhone Xs Max (Cheap Refurbished Phones)

Apple iPhone Xs Max

Silver, Fully unlocked, 64GB, Product dimensions- 7*5*4 inches, Item weight- 0.46 ounces, New battery with the outer shell, new white boxTlak time- 20 hrs.

Unlocked, NFC reader mode, Face ID, Apple pay, 14 day returns policy, EarPods with Lightning connecter, USB power adapter, documentation, Manufactured date; 2018.11.12 The extravaganza performance can be experienced, bought with a high discount. High HD camera quality. Super Retina HD display with OLED technology.


  • Considerably high discount
  • High-quality phone with advanced features

  • The gift packaging is not given

6) Apple iPhone 7 Plus (Cheap Refurbished Phones)

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Black, Fully unlocked, 32GB, Product dimensions- 6.2*3.06*3 inches, Item weight- 0.41 ounces, included components- charger, Charging cable may be generic-UL or Mfi, Manufactured date- 2018.05.10.

A superior level smartphone having advanced features, released after passing through a series of tests successfully and assured to have the least damage. Pre Owned person’s all data and information are erased. One of the best offers you will have because iPhone 7 Plus has an outstanding performance and a unique design.


  • Outstanding, user-friendly device
  • Available with an affordable budget

  • Minute internal damages may present

7) Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (Cheap Refurbished Phones)

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Midnight Black, 64GB, For T-Mobile, Product dimensions- 5.8* 2.68* 0.31 inches, Item weight- 0.32 inches, locked to T-Mobile, 12MP camera, Touch screen with a 1440*2960 resolution, cosmetic condition is perfect, comes with the compatible cable and UL approved power adapter, Manufactured date:2018.01.12 100% successful refurbishment.

All the damaged parts are totally recovered with new and fresh components. Reliable and smart performance. The latest update, with advanced features such as Pixel density, color gamut, Bezel-less display, Dynamic range, and many more.


  • Availability of micro USB
  • Two SIM cards
  • Water-resistant design
  • Longevity

  • Physical damages like scratches and nicks may present
  • Shorter warranty period

8) Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Cheap Refurbished Phones)

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Space Gray, fully unlocked, 64GB, Transformative triple camera system present, powerful features, guaranteed functionality, includes the mind-blowing chip, package dimensions- 6.34* 3.5* 2.09 inches, Item weight- 1.01 pounds. One of the latest devices, Manufactured date: 2019.10.28.

A meticulous inspection is followed in the refurbished process in order to maintain the same standards in the original device. You will get a new device with all the pro features including a new battery and outer shell. All the required parts are replaced with the Apple genuine parts. The phone will be put in a brand new white box and sent with free shipping.


  • Quality is guaranteed
  • Enables to use of a trending device bought with an economical price

  • Some are not up to date
  • Short warranty period

9) Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (Cheap Refurbished Phones)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Aura Glow, 256GB, fully unlocked, product dimensions- 6.7* 3.5* 2.4 inches, Item weight- 2.08 ounces, high processing speed, 8GB RAM, 10MP Selfie camera with Dual Pixel 12MP wide, advanced intelligent power, air gestures, a remote shutter, playlist button, etc. warranty-12 months, Manufactured date: 2019.10.14

100% quality functioning, cosmetic condition is almost perfect, optimum charging with enormous storage. An extraordinary screen gives you a mind-blowing experience with extensive viewing adding the cinematic effect. The quality of the screen is elevated by the AMOLED PLUS screen.


  • Able to get an outstanding smartphone which is much lesser than the in-store price tag.
  • Greater performance

  • Short warranty period

10) Motorola- G6 (Cheap Refurbished Phones)

Motorola- G6

Black, US Warranty, 32GB, Universally Unlocked ( AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile ), Product dimensions- 2.84* 0.33* 6.05 inches, Item weight- 5.8 ounces, display resolution- 1080* 2160 pixels, included components- Turbo Charger, Quickstart Guide.

A luxurious device having a tremendous amount of advanced features and modifications. A dream device for the majority and refurbishment is a great alternative to such people who are eagerly waiting to purchase this. Rear camera- 48MP sensor, display- 2520*1080. Dolby audio single speaker available, Mx Vision display, 3D glass back. Creative camera system.

This device has been created to impress its users. An extremely smart device that can serve the user a mind-blowing service. This is definitely a refurbished buying worthier. It’s a quite costly phone, so phone lovers can try this out using an economically beneficial way by going into a refurbished product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Refurbished Phones Worth Buying?

It depends on some factors. The company you are purchasing and the brand are the main two factors that affect that. If you go through a proper analysis you can decide whether to buy or not. As a whole, refurbished iPhones are worth buying because their prices keep on increasing day by day.

What Is The Best Place To Get Refurbished Phones?

There are several companies in which you can buy them with peace of mind, such as Gazelle, Amazon, Best Buy. According to the reviews of the customers, Best Buy is claimed to be the best out of all.

What Are The Musts We Should Follow When Choosing A Refurbished Phone?

  • The battery life.
  • Manufactured year.
  • Storage capacity.
  • Quality of camera, video.
  • Whether it supports the latest ios software.
  • Physical or internal damages.


Cheap Refurbished phones indeed can be regarded as some valuable alternatives for phone lovers who are a bit reluctant to spend their fortune. With the rapid improvement of technology, phones have become representative of the wealth and status of people. Therefore the majority of the society keeps on dreaming to manipulate a highly rated smartphone to showcase their wealth. The above-mentioned phones are the top-level superior yet cheap refurbished phones, in 2021.

So they are branded and yet economical and cheap. All of them are thoroughly tested, monitored, and repaired, and also backed up with a guarantee period. Therefore they will give you the exact advanced technological experience the same as their originals. So you can purchase them with real peace of mind and enjoy their service to the fullest.