10 Best Cable Modem Router Combo

An internet service provider will almost always ask you to rent a modem and router or what they call a gateway when signing up for service. Modems and routers are essential gadgets for bringing the internet into our houses. But like mobile companies, bringing your own device into an ISP deal can save you money down the line. Consider investing in the best cable modem router combo box if you’re getting the internet under the BYOD program. The gadget combines the modem and router into one unit to reduce clutter and set up time.

A modem links your home to the cable internet service while a router changes the connection to wireless. And with every appliance offering wireless connectivity, all customers are getting the wireless option. But the market is brimming with all kinds of wireless gadgets, which as a result, buying the right one for your needs might be a hassle. Each modem and router can only accept a specific maximum speed. Purchasing the cheapest equipment to match your internet plan can be an excellent strategy for saving money.

However, if your gadget supports less speed than what you are paying your internet service provider for, you won’t make the most from the device. So, how do you get the best modem router combo for spectrum services or even the best modem for gaming, for example? Fortunately, that’s where we come in. We have put together a handy shopping guide with the ten best cable modem router combo boxes in 2021. Our easy-to-follow reviews buying tips will be all you need to secure the finest wireless router for your home.

Why Trust Our Reviews for The Best Cable Modem Router Combo

Let’s say you’re searching for the best modem router combo for Cox. How do you know you are getting the right information? Nothing can be worse than reading online buying guides when you can’t trust if the content is accurate. And perhaps, you’re also asking why we’re a trustable source. Well, let us consider the facts. First, we have overwhelming experience in terms of product research. We have been conducting systematic research for the past several years to help our readers select the right products. It has taken more than 100 hours to compile our top ten best cable modem router combo lists.

Our method included getting user experience views from those who already have these devices. We involved many people in the entire research process in eliminating prejudiced or subjective reviews. If, for example, we recommend the best modem router combo for Comcast, you can take our word for it. Moreover, our company does not promote any particular brand’s interests.

As a result, we reviewed multiple product brands. We started with more than 100 products before shortlisting the finest twenty. Thereafter, we picked our top ten finest cable modem routers in 2021. Our selection puts together picks for all types of consumers, from professionals to homeowners. Regardless of your unique needs, our best cable modem router combo reviews will make it easy to settle on the right gadget for your situation.

Benefits of Using the Best Cable Modem Router Combo

If you are uncertain, distinguishing a modem from a router can be challenging. For an easy understanding of the two words, the router links your personal computer or internet-enabled device to the internet coming from the modem. It creates a single network from which other computers and devices share. On the other hand, the modem is what receives information or data from your cable provider.

Therefore, a modem is necessary to get an internet connection. At the same time, a router adequately supplies the internet to all devices on the network. So, a combination of router and modem is two gadgets in one, with the functions of a modem and router together.

You are probably wondering what the benefit is of getting the best cable modem router combo instead of two separate units of a modem and router. First, buying a combined router and modem is more affordable than purchasing both items individually. In addition, it is easier to install and customize, and your cable company takes care of the necessary upgrades.

The option also involves less wiring, meaning it will make your spaces tidier, with fewer troubleshooting instances. Overall, it provides access to TV, Wi-Fi, telephone, and connectivity for multiple devices without having to invest in separate routers. Buying the best cable modem router combo means less hassle for the cable company and internet service provider.

The companies usually provide exclusive internet plans for customers with cable modem routers, making them experts in diagnosing and solving technical modem issues. Individual products can get customers a lot more confused, making it difficult for the provider to handle queries and problems effectively. Besides, there’s the concern that a separate modem and router are likely to have compatibility problems, resulting in lower speed than you wanted. You can eliminate such issues with the best cable modem router combo.

When Not to Get the Best Cable Modem Router Combo

The cable modem router combination is an ideal solution for many homes and offices. However, you’ll find the best cable modem router combo a bit limited in terms of flexibility, such as changing security settings. In this case, purchasing a modem and router separately may offer more benefits.

Here’s why you may want to use separate gadgets:

  • Standalone routers often provide extra features with more possibilities to customize the settings than modem-router combo box.
  • Standalone devices are easier to replace if you need to upgrade either equipment. For instance, you can replace the modem when upgrading your internet. However, you don’t have to get another modem if you want to upgrade your router.
  • If you are buying a separate router and modem, it’s best to make sure you are getting the right model for your cable provider. Note that a cable modem is different than a fiber-optic or DSL modem.

In a nutshell, the combo gear provides convenience. At the same time, separate devices come with more features and better flexibility in terms of customization.

Factors to Consider When Getting Best Cable Modem Router Combo

When shopping for the best cable modem router combo, it is vital to consider certain things, such as the following:

  1. Gadget Maximum Speed: Each cable modem router specifies its maximum attainable upload and download speeds, as well as the max Wi-Fi speed. The specs will vary according to your specific needs, and the kind of subscription plans your cable provider offers. If you are paying for an internet plan with 800mbps, for example, you cannot get a combo modem router with a 400mbps top Wi-Fi speed. Besides, your connection is likely to degrade when sending the internet over Wi-Fi. Therefore, it is safest to get an internet package with higher speeds than what you’ll need to enjoy seamless wireless streaming and gaming.
  2. Modem Channel Bonding: How many channels you are getting in the best cable modem router combo box is an important factor, informing your purchase decision. You’ll stream faster and better if your device has more download channels. Increasing the number of channels gives the modem router better-coping capabilities for smooth online gaming and heavy downloading. It translates to higher and faster upload speeds and data transfer to any cloud-based storage. Therefore, the higher the modem channels, the faster the internet speeds.
  3. Type of Modem: Data Over Cable Service Specification or DOCSIS is a globally recognized benchmark in the modem-router market and the telecom industry allowing high bandwidth data transfer. Most cable modem router combos use the DOCSIS 3.0 platform, although other updated versions are also available. But it is much faster than its older DOCSIS 2.0 version.
  4. Type of Router: Since the router decides your internet speeds, it is an indispensable factor worth your consideration. For example, a compatible single-band router will be much slower than its dual-band counterpart. Similarly, other frequencies will have minimal interference on the dual-band router.
  5. WiFi Range: It’s essential to determine how far your Wi-Fi accessibility should reach, regarding distance. You’ll have a large Wi-Fi range with at least two thousand square feet of Wi-Fi coverage.
  6. Warranty: Just like other equipment, warranties are essential. Usually, manufacturers give a two-year warranty, although the best cable modem router combo can go for long without repairs. Ensure your warranty covers protection from thunderstorms, especially if you live in a tropical state.

Respective Regions for Cable Service Providers

You’ll want to do more research on device compatibility if you are getting internet service from a cable company. Most combos on the list will work with the cable companies in the chart below. While you may select a compatible product, there are chances for the company not to provide service in your geographical region.

You can use the table below to check for geographical area and company compatibility:

Cable CompaniesRegional Coverage
Cox19 states with a strong presence in Virginia Beach, Phoenix, Oklahoma, Omaha, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Tucson, among other places.
Spectrum41 states with a strong presence in Hawaii, North Carolina, Maine, Montana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, Wyoming, and South Carolina.
Xfinity from Comcast40 states with a strong presence in Chicago, Philadelphia, San Jose, Houston, Minneapolis, and Denver, among other regions.

You can take advantage of free online tools to run checks with your zip code if you’re still unsure about your compatibility. Note that our top picks of the best cable modem router combo are incompatible with mobile carrier services, like Verizon and AT&T, because the devices are not ASDL modems.

How Did We Pick and Test the Gadgets?

Getting the ten best cable modem router combo boxes was no mean feat. We read more than a thousand online reviews to find out the essential features that most consumers require and want in a reliable combo modem router to decide our picks. After that, we analyzed more than a hundred different items from different brands to shortlist twenty various candidates. After that, we set out visiting the 20 gadgets’ websites.

In this way, we performed a detailed study of product descriptions on various online stores, while closely monitoring the critic reviews, especially on the top modem router features. Lastly, we gathered feedback from a diverse group of volunteers regarding user experience with these devices. With all these details, we compared our volunteers’ final reviews while matching that information against the research we collected online. We did analyze close to forty-two features on each device, making comparisons based on those features.

In addition, we had an independent in-house group of testers trying out the products and sharing their personal experiences with the research team based on each unit’s overall performance. Besides, all the gadgets come with the DOCSIS 3.0 modem version, which we chose as the standard cable-modem-compatible type. During our analysis, we also noted that a 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 DOCSIS 3.0 modem designs have significantly similar stats. Once we had all this info, we compiled the best cable modem router combo list in an easy-to-read consumer guide. It means you don’t have to be a networking specialist to find the right product for you.

List of the 10 Best Cable Modem Router Combo – Reviews

Before we give you our list for the ten best devices, let’s emphasize that we found at least forty-two vital features you’d want in the finest modem router combo. Most of the positive features come from each product’s specs sheet and descriptions. We learned of the remaining important features through our groups of product testers and users.

Note that we also looked into the price of each device and only listed products offering the most features, positive ratings, and within an affordable price range. The frequency of product reviews on Amazon was an essential part of picking these items. In this way, we were able to strike out obsolete ones from the selection for you to find precise reviews for 2021 products instead of older models.

1. Netgear C7800 Nighthawk Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo

Netgear C7800 Nighthawk Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo

The Netgear C7800 modem Wi-Fi router combo offers speeds of up to 2Gbps. It is ideal for heavy activities that need ultra-fast, reliable internets like multi-player gaming and 4K HD streaming. It is worth buying when you are looking for the best modem router combo for Cox. The Nighthawk Wi-Fi router combo is compatible and certified to work flawlessly with Comcast, Cox, and Spectrum. However, the C7800 router combo is not compatible with AT&T, Verizon, DirectTV, CenturyLink, DSL providers, and other bundled voice services.

The range-boosting Beamforming technology and amplified antennas offer a far-reaching Wi-Fi coverage of up to 3000 sq feet. It seamlessly connects up to 45 devices, allowing you and your relatives to enjoy entertainment from any place in your home. The unit intelligently selects between dual bands, minimizing interference and maximizing speed for your wireless devices. Setting up is quick and easy. It comes with two USB 3.0 ports and four Gigabit Ethernet ports for superfast wired connections.


  • It is easy to setup
  • It is ideal for large homesteads

  • It needs a big data cable plan to perform effectively.

2. Netgear C7000 Nighthawk WiFi Router Combo

Netgear C7000 Nighthawk WiFi Router Combo

The Netgear C7000 Wi-Fi router combo works with all major cable internet providers. It is certified to work correctly with Xfinity by Cox, Spectrum, and Comcast. Nonetheless, it is not ideal for users of AT&T, DirectTV, DSL providers, Century Link, Verizon, and Dish. The unit is perfect for heavy internet users with access to cable internet plans with speeds of up to 400Mbps. It helps you access resource-hungry games and videos for the best entertainment experience. It features range-boosting Beamforming technology and amplified antennas with robust and reliable Wi-Fi coverage of up to 1800 sq. Feet.

The Netgear Nighthawk C7000 lets you connect up to 30 devices, giving you adequate connections for all your devices. It can recognize dual bands, ensuring seamless, reliable connections by minimizing interference and maximizing speed for all your smart wireless devices. The unit supports wireless speeds of up to 1900Mbps, making it ideal for demanding gaming and HD streaming. It is friendly to set up, taking less than five minutes. It comes with two USB ports and four Gigabit Ethernet ports for superfast wired connections.


  • It works with all major cable providers
  • It supports many connections simultaneously

  • Customer support is poor if you need to speak with the manufacturing company.

3. Arris Surfboard SBG10 Wi-Fi Router

Arris Surfboard SBG10 Wi-Fi Router

The SBG10 Surfboard Wi-Fi router by Arris offers three in one products. It combines DOCSIS 3.0 with AC1600 dual-band and two-port Gigabit Ethernet router for stable, quick internet speeds. Furthermore, it works with the leading providers of cable internet, including Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, and Cox.

The unit does not work with CenturyLink, Verizon, AT&T, and other DSL or Fiber internet providers. It supports 16 downstream and four upstream channels, making it ideal for standard homes that do not have many devices. The Surfboard SBG10 comes with two 1-gigabit Ethernet ports for quick wired connections.


  • It is quick and easy to setup
  • It is approved and compatible with major cable internet providers

  • It has only two Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • It does not have USB ports.

4. Motorola MG7540 Dual Band Router

Motorola MG7540 Dual Band Router

The Motorola MG7540 is a top choice if you are looking for the best modem router for Comcast. It is compatible with the major cable companies, including Comcast, Charter, Cox, and Spectrum. It will not work for you if you are using DSL, Fiber optic, AT&T, Verizon, or CenturyLink services, as it does not have a telephone jack for voice calls. The router supports internet speeds of up to 375 Mbps.

It goes further to secure your internet from attacks using a Broadcom cable modem chipset that prevents denial of service attacks. It is reliable to use in an area with other Wi-Fi DFS frequencies. Your neighbor’s Wi-Fi will not cause interference, while the Beamforming technology at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies focus the network towards the wireless device enhancing range and performance. It has four Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports that you can use for secure wired connections.


  • It protects your intent from DoS attacks
  • It reduces interference from neighbor’s connections

  • It does not come with USB ports
  • It does not have a Wi-Fi power boost for extended range.

5. Netgear C6250 Cable Modem Wi-Fi Router Combo

Netgear C6250 Cable Modem Wi-Fi Router Combo

The C6250 Netgear router combo is a reliable, secure device for areas of up to 1500 sq. Feet. Range-boosting amplified antennas help you enjoy a stable Wi-Fi connection from every corner of your home. It works with all the leading cable services, including Cox, Comcast, and Spectrum. The unit supports cable internet plans with a maximum speed of 300Mbps.

The router is fitted with an AC1600, delivering wireless speeds of up to 1600Mbps for the most demanding HD streaming and gaming. It is effortless to set up and seamlessly connects up to 25 devices. Two Gigabit Ethernet ports and one USB port adds versatility and flexibility to your connections. It is also safe and secure, thanks to parental controls and WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocols.


  • It is easy to setup
  • It is secure to use

  • It only supports one USB port.

6. Netgear C6300–100NAS Wi-Fi Cable Modem Router Combo

Netgear C6300

The C6300 Netgear combo is the best modem router for Comcast when you need a connection ideal for faster downloads, high-speed gaming, and HD video streaming. It only works well with Xfinity, Cox, and Cablevision, among others. The modem router does not work with cable bundled voice services. The Netgear C6300 delivers top speeds of up to 680Mbps modem speeds and AC1750 Wi-Fi speed.

It is unproblematic to set up as it works with different systems, including Microsoft Windows 10, Vista, XP, 2000, UNIX, and Linux. If you are entertaining guests, you can easily create a guest network. It also comes with advanced parental control for peace of mind and a smartphone app for easy management.


  • It is easy to setup
  • It is compatible with most cable providers

  • The customer support may not be of help if run into problems.

7. TP-Link TC-W7960 Cable Modem Router

TP-Link TC-W7960

The TC-W7960 by TP-Link is a fast Wi-Fi combo that offers eight by four-channel bonding. N300 technology offers smooth connections to more devices. The 8×4 channel bonding and DOCSIS 3.0 technology increase throughput, ensuring faster speeds for your devices. The unit supports parental controls, enabling you to manage when and how connected devices can access the internet. Hosting guests in your home will not be inconvenient. A guest network feature offers your guests Wi-Fi access separate from your primary network.

The combo is also compatible with cable internet plans of up to 150Mbps and works with all major cable providers, including Cox, Comcast, and Spectrum. The TP-Link TC-W7960 comes with convenient four Gigabit LAN ports and one USB port for fast, wired connections.


  • It is affordable
  • It has a guest network feature for temporally Wi-Fi access

  • You cannot configure the firewall or setup static IP

8. Linksys Tri-Band Ac2200 Mu-Mimo Wi-Fi Router

Linksys Tri-Band AC2200

The Max-Stream Linksys AC2200 is ideal for households with heavy Wi-Fi use. The router delivers combined speeds of up to 2.2Gbps, ensuring lag-free entertainment and productivity. Your whole family can stream, play games, or perform other high-bandwidth tasks at the same time without affecting the speed. The combo offers up to 2000 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage.

It can connect over 15 devices, offering fast uploads and downloads at the same time. The router has convenient four Gigabit Ethernet ports that deliver up to ten-times faster speeds than the standard ports and an ultra-fast USB 3.0 port for fast wired connections.


  • It offers comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage
  • It is easy to setup
  • It is compatible with most cable providers.

  • It needs a Max-Stream range extender for strong, seamless connections.

9. D-Link Ac2600 Mu-Mimo Wi-Fi Router

D-Link AC2600

The D-Link AC2600 has a functional dual-core processor that keeps you smoothly connected to the internet, even when everyone in your home is accessing the network. The DIR-882 dual-core processor prevents Wi-Fi slowdowns while placing each of your devices on the best band. It automatically moves some devices to the less crowded band, ensuring everyone has access to a fast-Fi connection.

The AC2600 router combo delivers speeds of up to 2600mbps, supporting more connections. It has an advanced smart beam that tracks your connections for enhanced Wi-Fi speed and range throughout your household. For additional connections, the combo has four functional Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, a Gigabit WAN port, and two USB ports for wired connections.


  • It has a powerful processor that ensures reliable, fast connections
  • It offers traffic optimization for seamless performance

  • The design is not captivating.

10. Asus Ac3200 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router

Asus AC3200

With six detachable antennas, this Asus AC3200 router combo offers high signal stability. A three-transmit and three-receive (3T3R) antenna design dramatically improves Wi-Fi range and signal stability. The AiRadar beamforming technology further focuses the signal on your device, ensuring faster, clearer, and more reliable connections from any part of your home.

A smart connect feature optimizes the traffic between the 2.4 and dual 5GHz bands based on load, speed, and signal strength for the best connectivity at all times. The router comes with hardware NAT that helps remove the bottleneck between the internet and your home.


  • It removes the bottleneck between the internet and your home, ensuring the best connections
  • It automatically optimizes your connections for faster, clearer and stronger connections at all times

  • The manufacturing company does not have the best support in case you need their assistance.

Important Terms You Should Know

Here are some of the technical terms you might have encountered in our product reviews above:

  • RF Splitter: It is a device that can let the modem router connect to specific HD gadgets. In most situations, consumers have to purchase it separately.
  • Ethernet: LANs, and Ethernet ports are essential in allowing multiple devices to access the same connection. It is where you can plug in wired equipment like an HDTV if you need a stable and faster internet supply than Wi-Fi.
  • RAM: Higher Random Access Memory helps to increase the performance of your modem router.
  • N600/N300/N450: It shows the maximum speed of the router. N350, for instance, means the router can provide a maximum data speed of 400mbps.
  • IPv6/IPv4: IPV means Internet protocol version, which can be six or four. Today, most devices connect to the internet with IPv4.
  • ADSL: The Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line facilitates more rapid data transfer using copper phone cords. The modems are compatible with AT&T, Fion, Verizon, and Centurylink networks.
  • AC1900/AC1750/AC1600: Any router that works with the 802.11ac network standard will have the initial AC followed by numbers, such as AC1750.
  • 0 GHz / 2.4 GHz: The two figures are Wi-Fi internet radio frequencies. If you have other devices that emit the two bands of radio frequencies, they can slow down your internet.

ADSL provides the internet using a telephone line instead of a cable. Unlike other cable modem routers, the data flow in ADSL modem routers is much greater in one direction, resulting in the name ‘asymmetric.’ In this case, ADSLs have higher download speeds than the upload speeds. The asymmetric digital subscriber line modem router is a great internet source if you are passive internet users.

You’ll get it if you prefer doing more downloads and fewer uploads. Note that ADSL modems and routers are different from cable modem router combos. For that reason, they are incompatible with cable providers like Spectrum, Xfinity, or Cox. You can opt for the ADSL modem router if you can’t subscribe to cable service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it Better to Get a Modem Router Combo?

Yes. A modem router combo improves your connection as you do not have to deal with multiple devices, reducing bottlenecks and compatibility issues.

What is the Best Cable Modem Router Combo?

That depends on your needs. Different units have different ranges and network speeds. Still, the best router combo should enable you to maximize your internet plan fully. The combos in this buying guide automatically optimize your connection to ensure maximum speeds at all times.

What Should I Look for in a Modem Router Combo?

It is imperative to consider the channels and speeds of the device when you are looking to buy a modem router combo. More channels mean more productivity as it enables multiple downloads and downloads, reducing network congestion. As you consider the speeds, you should keep in mind that some units have inaccurate advertised speed claims. Other factors that you should factor in include wireless frequencies, range, coverage, privacy, and guest settings.

Should I Upgrade my Router?

You should upgrade if your current router is not meeting your home needs. It may also be economical to upgrade your router if you are currently renting a router from an ISP provider.

Wrapping Up

That’s our list of the ten finest cable modem router combo boxes in a simple guide. You now have no reason to skip any videos because they are buffering. If you are still undecided about the best cable modem router combo for you, you can trust Smart Tech Tune premiere picks to make the right decision. And if you are a tech-savvy consumer, you’ll find all the perks in our expert selection.

You can rely on any compatible, best cable modem-routers from our list to show your loved ones and guests, funny videos without buffering. What’s more, is that you can play online games without experiencing buffering or latency icon.