Best Bank Bonus Now Without Direct Deposit Requirement

Banks across the US are throwing away millions of dollars to promote their bank for new ideal customers. Technically they are giving free money to their new customers. Is this legal? Yes, it is, and this process is also known as a bank account bonus without a direct deposit requirement. A bank account bonus is a promotion by any bank to attract people with businesses and make them long-term customers.

Banks are trying to bride people in depositing an account to their banks and give them money with nothing in return. Sound too good to be true? But it is happening, and thousand of people are clicking the bait. The first question in your mind would be, What is the catch? There is no catch. It is a 100 percent guarantee that you will be receiving money just using your money.

Bank industries got a lot of competition these days, probability of new customer’s direct deposit bank account bonus requirement would be less. Maybe you already have a bank account, and you don’t want to open multiple bank accounts. Using Bank Account Bonus, companies attract thousands or even millions of people to deposit more bank accounts and give million of money to prospective banks.

How Does the Bank Make Money

According to the latest survey conducted by the 2016 Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances, the average balance in saving accounts is $30,600. Keep in mind that banks leverage that money to make more money, for example, $30,000 in auto loans and turn it into 300,000 dollars.

If they have 1 million people with their bank account, they could collect interest at least $300 million loans. That’s why bank accounts are willing to give millions of money just trying to get people to deposit.

Bank V/S Money

Even banks are throwing money right out of your faces, people are starting to take little credits for the money they earned. The bank requires an individual to raise a high balance before opening an account before receiving bank bonuses. The problem with this type of scheme is giving people a little portion of what they are giving the bank. The money will then be used for loans that sue hundreds of thousands of people every year.

What is the Risk ?

There is no risk at all, most of the bank that operates with Bank Bonus Account are registered banks and FDIC-insured commercial banks. Even if you deposit in your bank account hundreds and thousands of dollars, rest assured that your money in the bank account will not be deducted.

But there are some cons in the bank account bonuses transaction:

  • It requests you to open your bank account and deposited some money on it, and the bank will give you the bonus you apply for.
  • Some bank account is required to have some monthly membership or payment.
  • People don’t have enough money to open their bank account.

How does it Make Lots of Money

For an average American, there’s at least 1 to 3 bank account. But some people are taking advantage of a bonus account to gain cash. They opened plenty of bank accounts because some banks have lower monthly rate fees. Moreover, people are attempting to open multiple bank accounts and is known as churning. Most businesses are applying for bank account bonuses since they invest in different banks and open multiple accounts.

They make their way to open an account and add additional credits to their account by summing up numerous bank accounts and getting thousand of free money in their pockets. These may cause some complications, in the long run, especially your bank account will exceed maximum credits up to $250,000, which could result in being ban or marked as a blacklist.

Closing the Account after getting the Bonus

You are allowed to close accounts after getting the bonus after meeting the requirements needed for closing your bank account. The lender will let you pay an early termination fee or take the bonus. If there are further complications with your account, make sure that you are outside the required time to avoid losing the bonus you have received.

How can i Gain a Bonus without a Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the most common problem for people who want to sign up for a bank account bonus. An individual must at least needs a minimum balance or direct deposit to reduce the monthly fee. Luckily, there are credit unions, including banks that are offering promotions without any direct deposit required. This article will be covering the best bank bonus now without a direct deposit requirement.

Best Bank Bonus Without Direct Deposit Requirement

  • Chase Business Checking Bonus
  • Unlimited Plus Business Checking
  • Huntington Unlimited Business Checking
  • Huntington Business Checking 100
  • CIT Bank Money and Market Account
  • Discover Online Saving Account

1. Chase Business Checking Bonus

New Chase Business Checking bonus can make you earn at least $300 just by opening an account as a new customer with qualifying requirements. Also, maintaining a minimum daily balance or business credit cards. The bank accepts card payments anytime, anywhere across the U.S., and gets the actual price from Chase QuickAccept.


  • Without minimum opening deposit.
  • Unlimited Electronic Deposit.
  • Can earn $300 sign up.
  • Wide operation of 4,700 branches including 16,000 Chase ATM.
  • Online Transactions are available.

  • No free wires.
  • Fee-free for $20 per month physical transaction.
  • Fee-free for $5,000 per monthly deposit.
  • Monthly fee of 15 USD.

2. Unlimited Plus Business Checking

By opening an account, you can earn at least a $750 bonus for $20,000 within 60 days of the account activation. The $750 bonus will be already deposited into your bank account after the requirements are approved. Indulge in overdraft protection without an annual fee and deposit-to-deposit protections without any transfer fee.


  • Overdraft protection (no transaction fee).
  • None annual fee.
  • Service fraud tools.
  • Discount on Payroll Services.

  • Deposits in an account with $ 20,000 within 60 days.
  • Ideal for high cashflow business and greater checking activity.

3. Huntington Unlimited Business Checking

Another Huntington Unlimited Business Checking has at least a $400 bonus in total deposits for $10,000 within 60 days of account opening. As soon as all requirements are meet the conditions. The money will deposit straight into your account. The coupon includes unlimited transactions with no transaction fee and an overdraft protection account without any annual fee.


  • Overdraft protection (no transaction fee).
  • None annual fee.
  • Reserve Positive Pay.
  • Ideal for Small business.

  • Deposits in account with $ 10,000 within 60 days.
  • Maintenance Fee.

4. Huntington Business Checking 100

If you don’t have the amount needed to apply for large bonuses, Huntington Business Checking 100 is the right offer for you. After owning an account with a $200 bonus will be added straight to your account. You can apply for business without a minimum checking account balance or maintenance fee. With minimum monthly transactions and deposit up to $5,000 in cash.


  • Overdraft protection (no transaction fee).
  • None Monthly maintenance fee.
  • Service fraud tools.
  • Discount on Payroll Services.

  • Deposits in an account with $5,000 within 60 days.

5. CIT Bank Money and Market Account

Convenient in any way, CIT bank provides a competitive interest rate and easy to pay, with no monthly payments. It has only 100 minimum opening deposits with no monthly payments, and FIDC-insured. This bank caters to deposit checks remotely and make transfers with the CIT Bank android app.


  • Earn 0.45% APY.
  • Can grow your savings faster.
  • FDIC-Insured.
  • Online transactions are available.

  • Required $100 monthly deposit.

6. Discover Online Saving Account

A bank account that offers an online banking system without a direct deposit bonus required. The bank is compounded daily and credited every month and has only earned an interest rate with 0.40% APY lower than any bank. Also, you can manage your account using the mobile app.


  • Low-interest rate 0.40% APY.
  • No minimum deposit and balance requirements.
  • Manage online transactions via a mobile app.

  • Outgoing wire transfers required service charges and payments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why bank bonus is taxed?

The bank treats a bank account bonus like casual payment like other payment transactions in your account. Tax season rolls and the bank will send a 1099 INT- form for summary and the total amount of bonus you have received. On the tax return, every payment transaction will count as income interest and taxed with your income.

Can I receive more than one bank account bonus?

You cannot receive more than one bank account bonus with the same bank at the same time. It could happen in a few months or years, but you can receive a ton of bonuses to other bank accounts.

How many Saving account an individual can possess?

There are no limits to how many accounts you can have long as you have organized it accordingly, meaning you need to have a bookkeeping compilation and will not exceed to FDIC insured limit of $250,000. Moreover, saving accounts have a higher balance the check accounts you can accidentally surpass FDIC limits. Make sure that you have a combined account at any bank and do not exceed the given quantity. Otherwise, you can transfer the money to another bank account if this happens.

How do I check my Bonus Account?

Online banking is popular these days. Specific apps are used with different bank companies to monitor your daily activities and logs to trace any suspicious deduction to your account. Checking your daily savings account could help you trace any activities either, the latest or pending transaction. It was easy for account owners to have better management of their electronic transactions.

Why saving accounts have sign-up bonuses?

To draw people’s attention, banks made bonuses to attract potential customers to deposit in their bank. It is also a marketing strategy for banks to ensure that they could get more people for their bank, either deposit or loan purposes.

Bottom Line

As stated above are known for the best bank bonuses without direct deposit. This bank is making a profit from your money, but more importantly, you are gaining something back from them. Being aware of this opportunity will give you ahead than other people participate in this gold rush. In your opinion, Which bank gives more promising offers? If you have a chance, would you like to deposit for a single account or multi-account?